Glory Points for hitting poachers

I would like to see a bit of glory points be added to what you get from hitting poachers. This is similar to getting XP for your dragons from hitting them.

I’m not saying it should be the same amount of GP you would get from hitting a real person, but say a set amount of 300 or so. That way at least you are earning “Atlas XP” when doing atlas runs. It could even be proportionate to your level like the Dragon XP is for poachers.


The upcoming Kingpins event won’t make poachers permanently give out glory, but it will transform poachers into kingpins which do payout large chunks of glory for the duration of the event. If it’s fun, we’ll run it periodically!


It would be good if backers on invader base could get a percentage of gold as well. Even if it’s just 5% a little cut would be nice!


I appreciate the upcoming event, and I hope it is a great one. I just think there needs to be more in the daily game for this.

There also needs to be a way of getting more gold as well. You can get enough through daily runs to build troops but then you have to end up choosing between personal growth or donating to the bank to build your Team land up. I don’t like that aspect of atlas.

Either you set a tax so you always save a certain amount of gold for events, upkeep or upgrades, or you use the first gold for troop building and when you’re out of peasents you donate all the rest.
Fairly easy.

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Im not sure if this is the answer or if there is a better one but i think there definitely needs to be a way for players to earn glory that doesnt require attacking other players. This would help players that are new to atlas start catching up to those that have been here for awhile. Right now, newer players have little options for getting past the “trainer” primarch and for moving on.

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Agree with you, Nolaboy.
However, be prepared for a flood of deriding comments from players who’ve had longer access to beta/atlas who would see something like this as being preferential to new players :roll_eyes:

I don’t think anyone wants to carry troops around when they try to hunt for rider shards. And more importantly, will those troops be revivable? And if you make it that way, the game will become very boring. You will have no incentive to go outside and hit other players. Just stay in safezone and hit poachers all day long to max out your primachs??

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you mean profitable? :thinking:

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Not trying to make it boring, just a little fairer for thise that havent had the luxury of a couple year head start in atlas. Maybe they can even put a limit on whatever they come up with. Say, some sort of equalizer that only lasts for so long or expires at a certain date. Not sure. Im not a programmer so i dont even know what would be possible. All i know is its very boring right now because most of my team never even leaves the safe zone and almost all are still stuck with the tutorial prim. So, if we are trying to avoid boredom, its not working for the newer players. In my opinion, anyway.

There was no “couple year head start” in atlas. Please see this thread for a the timeline: Beta -> Atlas History + Expansions. Additionally, it has been said many times that Atlas has changed a lot since it was released as beta

With the new 8k hats, a free player in the neutral zone could easily build up some troops. Build 800 troops 2x a day (once in the morning, once late at night). You easily get gold for this by doing your multis on mines instead of non-Atlas XP bases. This is 1.6k troops a day, so 11k troops a week. Pack them on your Fighter and travel through neutral until you find a territory that isn’t blockaded which has a player your level that you can hit. Ensure two people can fly with you and one can defend you as you attack. Hit the player once and then move on to a new team and territory.

As a non-beta player and as a leader, I rarely go “glory hunting” and just defending my team or push back invaders now and again and I easily have multiple prims, though they may not be a huge level.

Building is easy and takes like, no effort other than multis.


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