Glory should be given by troop kills *ONLY*!

It makes absolute no sense that we have to lose troops in order to get more glory. It’s just a cheesy way to block people’s progress.
Better system would be: 1 troop kill = 1 glory. (with %100 scaling ofc)
In the screenshot below, both attacks were giving %100 and glory outcome is horrible compared to the amount of troops I’ve killed. If I had lost as much troops as enemies however, then I would get double amount of glory compared to what I had.
As we level our stuff and kill more, or by passing a base with a single drag we might get less glory which shouldn’t be the case. You should be awarded by your successes, not punished.


For once, i actually agree with you LOL.
It makes ZERO sense that losing troops is the base factor for glory. It makes the rider buffs kinda not worth it unless you’re actively trying to clear people off your castles and lose fewer troops doing so.

So… why are you hitting siegers with a destroyer when you know it will give shit glory for both parties?


That’s not the point. The point is it shouldn’t be the case.

So far you’ve not really given any arguments why it should be. And you’ve shown it would lead to siegers being nearly unusable because everyone would stomp them for glory immediately.

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Why it should be? As we level our stuff and kill more, we get less glory and in what way do you think it is fair? You should be awarded by your success, not punished. Give me your logical argument then if you are opposing me. If everyone stomps sieger, sieger will stomp them too which is the case anyway. So no problem.

You get to kill more for the same number of troops, you just don’t get more glory for the same number of troops.

If you got a bunch more glory for this your cost of season lines would be much cheaper, incentive to pick on new atlas players with unleveled primarchs much higher, and the catch-up for new atlas players much harder, since they’d have a higher cost for glory to get the season lines and train the riders and prims they need to get strong, while advanced atlas players would have an easy time.


That’s not how it works buddy. You’re calling for a change to be made, burden is on you to show why this change would improve anything. Why would anyone change anything for you if you can’t even explain why it would be an improvement?


I’ve already explained. You’ve opposed but couldn’t give a counter-argument. At this point you are just trolling.

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You really really haven’t. It might all make sense in your head, but that doesn’t really help if you don’t write any of it down. You’ve only made claims that the current system “makes absolutely no sense” and “is just a cheesy way to block people’s progress”, but gave no arguments. Then you proposed a new system, claiming it is better, but again giving no arguments why.

Claims without arguments are just rants. Feel free to do that in off-topic, but don’t expect anyone to take your ideas seriously if you’re not prepared to support them with any kind of argument.

:joy: sure bud, anyone pointing out your post is just hot air is ‘trolling’.


I’m not talking about the glory rate we got. In that screenshot, those players were giving me %100 and were around my level. Of course I should not get glory from lower ones.
Also it’s a whole different issue if we need to talk about new players. When I had atlas for the first time, a bunch of teams were already dominating atlas and had it for a long time. They got prizes there and stacked troops… I don’t see any possibility for new players to catch old ones at the moment unless $$.

No, only you are trolling at the moment. Because just I WROTE them down.
“As we level our stuff and kill more, we get less glory”, “You should be awarded by your success, not punished.”

I refer to primarch level, not player base level.

You want stronger primarchs to get more glory from their high troops killed:lost ratio against lower level primarchs. That would make it harder to get started in atlas than it already is. Right now it’s less appealing to attack low primarch-level primarchs because you get less glory per attack. With your proposed change you’d get a lot more glory per troop and it would be open season on atlas newbs.

edit: Most games have some increased difficulty as you level up, not just increased rewards with no downside. Your desire to get much cheaper glory as your primarchs get stronger is a non-starter.

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Okay got your point. Less appealing or not, those primarchs get killed anyways and in a lot of other games after a certain level you get vulnerable to higher players and can lose EVERYTHING (which sucks). In WD however; you will only lose troops, not your primarch, not your tower, not your dragons.

Correct me if I’m wrong (I have not kept up with Atlas beyond "Doc, go attack here; Doc, go defend there), but as I understand it, as you level your primarch, the attack and defense stats change. As your attack value increases proportional to the defender’s defense value, it takes you fewer troops to kill their troops.

So the correct interpretation is, “As we level our stuff, we kill the same amount, but it costs us less”.

And so, yes, the amount of glory you’re getting for that single attack may decrease (because you’re not losing as many troops), but your glory-to-troop-lost ratio increases. This savings in troop losses equates to additional attacks, which is where you make up that “lost” glory.

Again, I’m kind of Atlas stupid, but that’s the way I understand it.


max glory per troop lost is capped at 1.5.

you gain in killing more of the enemy for fewer of your troops, being able to attack other high level primarchs without a bad kill ratio, and in giving lower level prims attacking you a worse kill ratio.

Was that his original complaint? I didn’t get that out of the original complaint. But again…Atlas stupid.

You’re not wrong Doc, that’s a valid point. However, I don’t think it’s a significant amount of save from troops though. If revivables weren’t a thing, I’d %100 approve you.

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On some levels I agree with you… The requirement to lose troops to gain glory is a fairly silly game mechanic. Unfortunately, the system you propose is HIGHLY exploitable.

  1. Level an alt and get them in Atlas.
  2. Train troops.
  3. Suicide attack your main.
  4. Collect at 10 to 1 on every troop.

With the current rule set you can still do this, but it caps out at 1.5 to 1, and there are enough hoops to jump through that it’s inconvenient enough to not really be worth your time. At 10 to 1 I’ll bet you’d see it all the time.

And that’s not even getting into the veteran eating noobs argument. For example, if I see a level 330 low level bronze taunter and I have my silver 2 destroyer out, I’m not going to curbstomp that taunter for 10 to 1 kills because I’m limited to something like 1k glory. That’s barely worth my heal pot, nevermind the risk of getting hit while I’m out attacking. Currently, players are incentivized to hit prims that will result in a close to 2 to 1 kill ratio to maximize their glory income per hit… Though many don’t seem to understand that. Your proposal rewards newbie stomping.

So while the current system is decidedly odd, your proposal is more exploitable and encourages baby kicking. Please try again.


Personally I like the current situation because it stops people deliberately massacring randoms when they’re just after some glory.

When you want to pile the hurt on a team you go for maximum kill ratio you’re not overly concerned about the glory it’s a nice side product.

The rest of the time you’re encouraged to attack in a way that gives you good glory and as a by product the unwilling victim won’t get overly screwed.

This adds some actual thought being required to get good returns instead of I will always use my sieger because it has the highest attack power.