Glory swap ーgroup chat

I would like to participate in the Glory Swap chat where a team of friends gather. Is it somewhere? Sine←


If you have line app - feel free to ping me - DZ.

Not sure if I am allowed to post links here but I can add to you to some groups from line.

Most glory swap groups are on line.

Could try posting in the atlas channel but generally its hard to get good reliable swap partners!

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I’m interested in glory swap too…

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Is there such a group chat?
I want to participate in a swap chat in the game.

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Attack castles, stop swapping, #stopthestagnation


I have one set up for the xp team and anyone who wants to swap with them since their rules prohibit castle sniping and attacks. It’s not too active but there are people there wanting to swap.


Looking for glory swap channel or partner


how bad is the concept of the atlas, if the exchange of glory is what we are doing (says the one who never attacks castles, for a simple reason, it is not profitable either in time or in fame. Considering that not all attacks are in one dragon, and some and may not be successful at all). Why should I attack the castles if all I can get, I can get with my partner in 20 minutes? The atlas does not work even after all these minor changes. In addition, mega-alliances are something that repels from engagement. So I fully support those who exchange glory.

well for starters a team of swappers don’t know how to snipe, defend or raid or counter attack.
When they get hit by another team, just one team and not a mega alliance, they would still not know what to do, how to defend or counter, they don’t need to know as they can just wait for the easy glory from swaps.

Fame??? That’s really what you’re going for?

Because it is boring as hell. Where is any sense of excitement? Speed? You might as well send rss to teammates and call that playing the game in its entirety if that’s what you’re using 20 minutes for.

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But, if they knew what they were doing, they wouldn’t hit the panic button and bring more targets to their sz access castles.

Thank you. but a month was enough for me to taste all this and the interest was lost, as well as the excitement. You cannot tell players to stop sharing glory, nor can you prevent them from being on pirate crews. People like me enjoy the most profitable game in a short amount of time. Create the conditions under which the escalation will be profitable, and I will come. Remove the mega alliances, return the development of “Siege” Otherwise, we will all do what we love, you can snipe for at least days, but I prefer the easy way, because there is a possibility for this :man_shrugging:t2:

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Man… I’m just trying to look for someone to trade glory with as convenient and efficient as possible and we are turning this into a debate…:man_facepalming:

I think swapping is an applied tactic!
It’s a players response to true stagnation and supplies us with good example of what stagnation really is!
Because it’s easier and quicker to simply swap because the map is stagnant.
So not necessarily as a debate per say but thanks for bringing this up! :sunglasses::facepunch:

What about castle turnover? Lmao
Is that stagnation!?
Ummmm no it’s an effect of stagnation! Lol
The castle itself is what creates stagnation!!:rofl:
So I can’t really blame players for swapping when pg has supplied no actual goal for the map to actually supply glory and drive enough conflict to not warrant swapping in the first place! :man_shrugging:


:raising_hand_man: Still here to trade glory, but everyone rather give their opinions on trading. Did you just go into a long winded explanation to spite me? :exploding_head:

Lol :joy:
I wish you luck brother! :sunglasses::facepunch:

If you don’t like Swap, don’t do it. I think other people should enjoy both :blush:
I recommend both . I can’t force anyone😑

"Enjoy swaps " They both don’t go well together :thinking: