Glory Swap levels 50-130 📛

Hello all I’m looking for glory Swap partners for several players at different levels ranging from 48-127.
Specifically I need 50s, 60s, 80s and 100s-130s. And everything in between :sunglasses:

I already have an in game chat made with 12+ members Lvl(48-127).

If you want to swap please contact me in game via mail or on here:
Leave your IGN below so I can add you to private group chat, it just makes things easier being able to chat in atlas while swapping.

My IGN is MadeFromMetal
Player Level 88
Base:DP-3.8m | Attack Power-5m
Trapper lvl-6
Destroyer lvl-3
Seiger lvl-2

With all the bigs hogging aligane it makes it very hard for sub150s to get glory so this is our way to find glory.

We generally use Trappers/Destroyers for defense level 1-15 bronze and Seigers/Destroyers for offense. Work out how many troops you want to load and how many you have to use and then move to cords specified.

  • Bronze primarchs can only kill about 7.5k troops so there is no need to load more than 7k. I load 3250 troops on both primes. It is a protection against raiders who come and attack during swap. This way we don’t lose 20-30% of 7k instead it will only be 20-30% of 3250 troops.

  • It is better to find a prime that has matching AP to DP so troop loss is minimal.

  • When you attack the trapper/Destroyer it is customary to 3flame it (use 3 dragons) so your opponent doesn’t lose as many troops.

  • Even though you well get a little less glory from :fire::fire::fire:vs :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: you will have better revive rates and more troops to use in additional attacks allowing both players to get more glory in the long run since you can revive more troops and have less troop perma-loss.

  • Make sure to tell teammates not to defend during swaps.

  • Make sure your opponent/swap partner is within your level cap for glory. When viewing prime you can see Glory % it is preferred to only swap with 90%+.

  • If you are having trouble with bigs attacking you during swap let me know or another officer and we will get a 300-450 to set by us to avoid major troop loss.

I set this up because I want everyone to have access to Atlas Prizes (Gear/Riders) and all the other benefits of atlas event season unlocks. We understand it’s hard to do this with 200-400+ running around picking on sub200s because they are starved for glory since the :whale2:’s are hogging Aligane with taunters.



What’s up?

It’s not that hard to get glory. I got rider last season without even knowing about aligane, now that I do this season I’m only 5 prizes away from the rider using aligane.

What level are you?
I ask because most of my higher levels on my team don’t swap and they are close to getting thier gear after allready getting rider.
For players above 350-400 it’s much easier to get glory since they have places like Aligane.
It’s basically glory Swap in one location. They go to one location and get all the glory they want in very little time.

I’m level 88 and it’s very hard to find players within 15 levels of me that have same level primes that are on at the same time as me and share same work schedule.

I can’t go to places like Aligane so I make my own aligane for my level. The benefit of glory Swap is the better revive rates.

I personally don’t swap or have the time too I’m far to busy saving troops for castles. I’m just arranging for others to help out those who are struggling.

I seem to remember scanning atlas for hours on end with zero results so I definitely understand sub 130 players swapping.

I am level 103, I’m only going for the rider this season to build up a better troop base for next season. I go to aligane and usually have no trouble finding people at least once a day to attack around my level.

Ask them how to get glory :wink:
Having silver primarchs on this lvls is pretty cool


Every time I go there I can’t due to being trapped or level 400s using taunters. At least that’s my problem. I’m on after midnight so I get the die hards hogging Aligane. But I get plenty of glory via castle grabs/defends.

I would like to join the group chat! level 72 until fortification event

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im at school right now so i wont get to it until maybe 5 hours

If they’re sub-gold and have silver primes; I’m sorry to tell you that behind every success story stands a backer. Or a lot of glory swaps; but it’s more likely the former.

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Haha, I’m one of those with a silver primarch that Dranik posted! :joy:

I did do a few glory swaps at the end of last season when I was level 63 but since then I’ve just been doing NML/Aligane. There are many more targets than you think, just need to be patient, diligent and quick.
I rarely have to ask for backup.:woman_shrugging:


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I never had a taunter interfere with my attack in Aligane; the big guys are simply not on the same teams or 5TAs as the little ones I am hitting. Maybe it’s different at different times of day. I was actually less likely to get obliterated by someone much higher level there than in other NML areas, which I attributed to the wealth of other targets.

That said, there’s plenty of reason for people not to use aligane. It is a lag and glitch fest at the best of times and a black hole at busy hours or for some devices.

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Please add me.

Level 85

Destroyer and trapper level 4

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Ah, but you’re probably the exception to the rule. Granted, sometimes I wish I could pull my alt out to nom some tasty level 50 in Aligane, but most times I’d be attacking in the range of 120-220; which is…already considerably rarer than the 200-300s in Aligane.

Still have three weapons and shields to upgrade this event, though, so I’d agree with you about the patience part :joy:. It’s a time-consuming affair.

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You’re added

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