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So I’m part of a glory swap group and I find it tiring to try and find someone to match with, where do we go, what prime do you have yada yada. What I really want is someone similar level to me in the same Timezone and we can get together regularly at a designated location without all this rigmarole.

So maybe people could post here something like this…

Level: 320
Location: Australia

And maybe like a personal ad people can message if they want to be glory partners. Then if you find someone you could delete your post. I just know I’m sick of Aligane and if you could pair up with someone similar it would be so much easier.


@Sam is nice enough to have chat groups for this very purpose.

Edit: unless this IS the group you’re tired of? Then I don’t know.


Glory swapping is similar to dating. Difficult to find the perfect partner and after you do … you wanna find a secluded spot. :rofl:


Kind of like how marriage relates to a deck of cards…



Yes this is it. I appreciate what the aim is but it’s a lot more difficult and time consuming than Aligane for me anyway

swipes left


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