Glory Swapping: In-Game group chat for 150 - 250 levels πŸ’


There was a need so I created one. This chat is to connect players who wanna do their glory thing. PM or message me in game if you wanna be added. So far, there are 6 members? :thinking:


As a 340, I feel discriminated


As a 140, I feel discriminated every time I load atlas. :rofl:


No worries bud. You already got options … look it :grin:


It’s worth noting that my base sucks, so anyone who actually gives me 100% can (and often this does happen) destroy my base first… thats why I don’t use nml anymore

I don’t poke bears for fun :joy:


please add me in glory swapping


Added :+1:t3:


Can I be added please?


PotionsPusher and InterimLeader please. 160, and 230.
I was looking for a line group but I prefer in game.
Thank you Sam.


Added :+1:t3: