Glory Swapping: In-Game group chat for levels 225 - 325 🔥

Please post here, PM or in-game mail me if you wanna join. Those in the 150-250 group chat will automatically be invited to this chat when they reach 250.

Edit: Mech’s glory calculator for efficient swapping.


Oh, yay! I can actully fit in this one :smiley: Invite please? :eyes:

Invite sent :+1:t3:

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…What if you are over 325… :sob:

You go and park at @Lx460’s castle :grin::+1:t3::+1:t3:

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What if I want a better gp ratio per troop loss… :sob::sob::sob:

Blow him kisses and ask him to store some towers? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I would like to see how this work. Can you invite me please?


Invited :+1:t3:

I would like to be in this one

Invited :+1:t3:

I’d like to give it a go :smile:

And how does it work?

We announce our primary lvl, troops and location and wait to see if anyone want to attack or defend?

Always a Groomsman, never a Groom…


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Invited :+1:t3:

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Location is determined later. Normally ya’ll would create a new group chat to cover that in case someone wants to crash your swap.

Awww. Grow yourself an alt? :grin:

no time, spend too much time with one already. It’s okay, missed it by that much again…

Create your own glory swap chat? :thinking:. It’s not hard to do … just create a thread in the forum to announce it.