Glory Swapping: In-Game group chat for levels 300 - 400 💥


Please post here, PM or in-game mail me if you wanna join. Those in the 225 - 325 group chat will automatically be invited to this chat when they reach 325.

Edit: Mech’s glory calculator for efficient swapping.


Shouldn’t it be 300?


Well it’s cause I’ll remove them from the 225-325 group and invite to this one once they get past the cutoff.

Edit: It’ll be easier to keep things sorted that way …


Still small :disappointed_relieved:


If you’re bigger than 400, you can just visit LX to get your glory. :smirk:


:laughing: but that wouldnt be fair glory


Well maybe one of his mates will give you good glory? :hugs:


Can u add me please


Invited :+1:t3:


Thank you sam


Can u add me


Hey @Sam Could I also get an invite please? IGN is same as here. Thank You! :grin::+1:


Invited :+1:t3:


Of course. Invited :+1:t3:


Invite me please thank you same ign as here.


Invited :+1:t3:


Invite plz sam


Invited but you’re above the high cutoff. I’m not sure how well the group will serve you :woman_shrugging:


can you invite me also?


Invited :+1:t3: