Glory swapping question

Ive been trying to make glory swapping work with my friend. From searching on the forum:
Version 4.92 Release Notes and playing with Mech’s Glory Calculator

we found that 3 flames (70% destruction) will result in 20% troop losses on both sides, therefor being the sweet spot of fairness.

However applied, 70% destruction and quitting afterwards only results in 1 flame. At 85% you get 2 flames, at 99% 3 flames. If you finish with 1 dragon you get 2 extra flames. Quitting at 70% doesnt give you the bonus of finishing with 1 dragon.

When testing we used a lvl 1 bronze2 trapper (50 attack) vs. lvl 1 bronze2 sieger (50 def). Quitting at 70% (1flame), glory was as expected. However the attacking trapper had a 30% permanent death rate and the defending sieger 10% permanent death rate.

So my question. What am I overlooking or could someone tell me the best way to swap glory with a friend? P.S.: We can changes base layouts as we please.

Or is it just easier to alternate between 100% base destruction of our bases and get 20% permanent death rate after averaging?

edit*: im testing this thesis rn " 1. Use 2 dragons (4 flames) for best glory swap. The attacker won’t see much difference in glory, but the defender will get more from the attack. More about this below if you want to get really technical."

70% destruction is 1 flame, not 3.

For 20% troop loss on both sides you need 4 flames (100%, 2 dragons), not 3, and not 1.

Gotcha, Ill try it right away :slight_smile:

Okay so following setup:

Trapper(50 att) attacking sieger(50 def), 1001 troops vs 1001 troops. 100% destruction and using 2 dragons.

Result: Trapper wiped out sieger using 674 troops. (trapper -674 vs sieger -1000)

Trapper has 539 troops to revive. --> 20% perm deaths
Sieger has 750 troops to revive. --> 25% permanent deaths

Thats not quite 20% for both, it would make more sense to aim for a 10%/30% battle then and alternate. Unless Im missing something here.


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You’re correct, I misremembered the percentages. The 80%/75% you see exactly match the release notes you linked yourself.


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Ahh true, then the statement I read that 20%/20% is possible actually isnt.

I just made another test with 100% destruction and 3 dragons which confirms the percentages in the chart as well. On a further note, the gxp payout for both accs was 750. It looks more even but one party loses 5% troops more. To make it “completely fair” both parties would alternate 3 flame attacks, 100% destruction and 3 dragons.

Alright, now its clear, thanks hon :smiley:

You were missing that this is not how averaging works. You can’t average two percentages together for an average percentage if they’re not percentages of the same thing. The absolute number of troops lost on each side matters kind of a lot.

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Yes but this is assuming troop deaths stay the same.

As in:
Player A does a 5 flame battle against player B with a 10/30% permanent troop loos and in the next round turning this around. If same prims and same troop quantities are used you can average the percentages.

Lol, not unless the attacker and the defender both lose the same number of troops.

But I tell you. The prims, and amount of troops do stay the same. Did you read the beginning post? My friend and I are trying to make glory swapping work for us. We can decide the prim attack and def values and amount of troops…

Don’t believe you get it, precisely because I read, but it’s your troops and life is short. Have fun.

Please explain in more detail, really no clue what you mean.

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