Glyph Max Stats?


Is there a website or link to all the Runes and Glyph max stats anywhere? I am trying to get a little more rage generation on my sorc and wanted to know if a certain Glyph would either help or not cover the one I currently have. Does the main bonus increase and the second one stay the same?

I was looking at this one in particular



Thank you. I looked there but apparently didn’t scroll far enough. The rage caps out the same as my current one. Too bad there isn’t a search feature on that page. Tons of different items


Ctrl + F?


The sacred shortcut which need to be remembered when looking for information.


You mean this feature?


I am on here with my iPhone. Not too sure I can Ctrl +F from here but I expected as much from this forum. Thank you to the one that actually helped :grinning:
I also tried to use the filter option but the website just locked up on me :man_shrugging:t3:


@Sandberg :point_up:


I use this feature all the time. Pretty convenient.

*lol, formatting issues​:see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


Filter works but is very slow atm. Will optimize later. So start typing and wait :slight_smile:


Learn something new every day. Thank you for that.


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