Glyph Tracking Thread

Can we keep track of the “random” glyphs in upcoming events or even trace back if possible ??

Lets follow this pattern : ( current event week 9 SunScorch)

Main Event : Wisdom Glyph
Team Achievement : Legendary
Red Mage Hp Glyph
Team Quests ; Lightning HP Glyph

If anyone has saved data of past weeks please post them below . I will try update in cronological order and have some statistics , cause so far nobody is enjoying the random glyph every week . Is pg aware we have 3 spots for glyphs and 2 for runes :roll_eyes:

Thanks in advance !


As for Main event, it was:

Week 8 (Breeding): Cannon (Legendary)
Week 7 (TG): Dark Flack Attack
Week 6 (Fort): Earth Flak Attack
Week 5 (TR): Red Mage

Credits to Eff and Zero for good memory :slight_smile:

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I was almost sure we had a canon glyph for breed :face_with_monocle: but not 100% sure

Ah… No mythic, I mean. Yes, it was Cannon.

Dark flak attack for personal Gauntlet. I remember because I was debating on going that high or not but already had that glyph

Right. I only remember that it was useless for me, as I wanted HP )


Week 1 (pvp): can’t remember
Week 2 (fort): ice turret hp
week 3 (pvp): fire flak hp (I think it was HP and not attack)
week 4 (breed): no mythic


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