Glyphs in Event Rewards (Fort)

It’s nice to see something other than the same 2 glyphs in every single reward. I know resist glyphs aren’t great, but at least it’s not healing striker or rejuvenate. Question about ice turret frenzy. Isn’t this one of those things that doesn’t matter, since ice turret fires a beam? Other “frenzy” runes give increased attack speed. Has this been determined to actually do something (I guess pointing at the storm tower frenzy ones for reference)?


When IceTurretFrenzy runes were released initially (first round of glyphs chests), there was a very nice post by @ToNyRen regarding the glyphs and runes.

Essentially it boiled down to the fact that these runes are blanks or “placeholders” – they do nothing.

@PGJared at that point in time promised to get back to us with some feedback regarding fixing them, but unfortunately I believe he has gotten so busy, and rightly so, that he probably hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

I’m hopeful that in the future they will function as intended. I have a lot of mythic ice turret runes, and sadly they only look pretty, has no evident effect on my ice turrets.

Having said that, it is very good to see us getting away from the standard rune set, I would have wanted the Rage glyph to be obtainable though, not just for the top 5 spenders in the game, they already get rage glyphs from rune chests :frowning:


Thank you! Hopefully they get fixed but agreed 100% at least it’s not the same old garbage. I like a little variety in my garbage :rofl: (that’s TIC, I am glad to see something different, and I don’t even have a dragon with ice resist). It does kind of figure they replaced the healing striker with a glyph that doesn’t work though lol. All the same, at least it’s different. Baby steps :+1:

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Just for reminding PGJared @ToNyRen can you repost that glyphs and runes post so that it doesn’t die out alongwith old forums.

As far as I can tell all runs do SOMETHING, but in some cases something isn’t very useful.

The assumption that beams don’t have a rate of fire is a false assumption. All beams are made of either a wave or particles, in both cases you have a frequency of the wave or the speed of the particles. Both should result in DPS increase. (Of corse if it was a laser beam you can’t go faster than light, but storm towers are likely not laser based)

I haven’t tested recently, but there was a point where testing strongly indicated some DPS had increased when you had enough high level towers. (Although it may have stopped working or become irrelevant with growth)

I would love to hear PGs response to this though. Almost every rune there is a lot of speculation revolving around visual indicators, but I don’t think they all have visual indicators.

As for the current ice resist glyph: will it increase every dragons ice turret resistance by a certain percentage or only of those drags that have the passive skill ‘ice turret resist’? It’d be awesome if someone could say this for sure.

Only works if they already have resistance, either naturally or by equipping a resist. See:

Thanks helped a lot :+1:

Resist boosts on runes and glyphs only help if the dragon already has that resist. So it’s not like you’re just adding ice resist to any dragon you choose.

Edit: oops see this got answered.

I’m pretty sure ice resists are NOT an equipable consumable… at least they were not available to forge last time I checked. Dunno if you could get them some other way.

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Yep, only the “classic” towers, ones that only need lumber, have them.

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