Glyphs in ToW 22 Feb

@PGJared @PGCrisis some feedback for your event designer:

Trebuchet striker glyphs!? Really?

Then I wander over to team prizes and…fireball glyphs? I mean which dragon after Nix even as Fireball? (Vulcan has divine fireball and I assume this glyph wouldn’t work on that spell)

Maybe the team achievement prizes can give some hope…nope, YARG (Yet Another Rejuvenate Glyph). I mean the number of times this has been in prizes means it deserves it’s own acronym.

Come on - please - you can do better!


The event runes/glyphs are ruining my life. May as well put Rune dust in their place because that’s ALL THEYRE WORTH. :imp:


“YARG” :joy:

what happened to the glyph poll pgJared (?) gave to us like 2 years ago? wasnt the clear winner rage and wisdom runes? cant remember the last time i saw one of these in the prizes… #disappointment


We have hog farm glyphs as prizes… please.

I think i am the winner here, I got some legendary ballista rune

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Could we please just get either wisdom or rage glyphs Everyone needs those!


Would love to actually get a reply to this. Why does nobody at PG play war dragons?

Wouldn’t that be awesome… something to actually ‘go for’


You should be able to turn any rune into a glyph for 500 rubies btw…


Something useful… yeah!

PG had a good run for a couple weeks…

Yes please wisdom and rage runes I could every single one I got probably!!


What we search for is communication. And you was beside your work sometimes helping out too.
I can understand that 1 employee as Jared or Crisis cant handle all alone.

Maybe you can help, i admit that you was before very helpful in old forum too… Here we people really need someone to talk about…

didn’t @pgcoffee say he was going to work on glyphs and runes during this season because it was one of his favorite and lacking areas of the game? I’m sorry but besides 3 weeks of decent runes nothing has changed?? :woman_shrugging: Should we bet on next season?

Wintertide Season= The season of mistrust!

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I actually spend all my time working on Atlas now. I no longer really have any hand in events/seasons/prizing. But I’m sure the other event folks are looking into it.

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@pgEcho will you come on to the youtube gaming videos. You are very involved with the forums and Atlas. It would be nice to put a face the the WD IGN

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Improving the usefulness of glyphs is something that we’re working on, as well as making sure glyph prizes feel better to players. I don’t really have a timeline on this though as there are a few things ahead of it in priority.

Shouldn’t it be as easy as swapping in wisdom and rage glyphs in event prizing? That takes literally 1min to change the code…

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We don’t really want to just give wisdom / rage for every glyph prize. There should be a variety of glyphs that are fun and useful.

Would be a good start though while you figure things out? :hugs::hugs: