Hi, first time posting here, and lemme tell you it’s gonna be RAGE THAT YOU HEAR!!! Runes in season branches? Again? Oh and another cannon striker glyph in team rewards? For the love of god people why are we not up in arms about this. The majority of our slots are glyphs AND YOU CANT GET THEM!!! This needs to be addressed. To hell with atlas, to hell with new dragons. Get us some equipment we can actually use on the dragons we already have. Why is this so hard? Or how about this, just get rid of the damn glyph slot, since there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO GET THEM!!! I have tried tickets, I’ve even tried bombing a Facebook feed to ask about them, but all anyone wants to talk about is how pretty pixels hair is or how cute the new dragon is. Like this. Share this. Read this.


If you put this into a better syntax and didn’t RANT like a maniac i’d consider liking it.

Others have done much better jobs of trying to bring important topics to light, try searching for some examples :slight_smile:


You have my support. And as far as I remember PGLawson just said that they had had some meetings lately around RUNES topic, so we can expect some changes in the foreseeable future

This title belongs in a YouTube video, but it’s missing SUBSCRIBE BELOW.

Edit: Though, I will agree that the difficulty in finding them is pretty annoying when there are three glyph slots. It was changed not long after I started too (October last year). Before then, glyphs dropped in silver chests.


lol I’m not writing an entry essay to brown, and the idea was rant, so I guess I nailed it. Look at the spirit of my missive not the yokel writing it 8)

Furthermore, if people are doing such a stellar job bringing things to light, when pray tell me does nothing change? We’ve got the same carousel of broken events, useless runes, lack of glyphs and an endless stream of breeeder dragons that cost way too much. By no means do I think all dragons should be cheaper, and that good dragons shouldn’t cost. Or that good glyphs should be easy to get either. But 143k tokens for ursa? Come on. Top tier in an event for a legendary storm resist 3 out of the last 8 weeks? Again, come on. I love the fact that the devs work hard to bring us new content. I also love that they seem to be balancing their efforts between atlas and the original format pretty well. I’m not asking for anything to be handed to us either. But hard work should pay dividends, not epic healing strikers…

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