Glyphs rewarded in Team Achievements

Can we get some good glyphs as a reward in Team achievements ?? As of now in last PVP event which was team Gauntlet, Legendary Fire Turret Frenzy was available, then in Breeding event, Legendary Explosive Shield Glyph (Totallyuseless) was there which is a good source of dust. And again in Conquer The World event Legendary Fire Turret Frenzy is there :man_shrugging:t2: can we atleast get a rotation of good glyphs ? @arelyna


I can bring this to the team.

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At least fire turret frenzy is usefull :slight_smile:

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Just rage and wsdom glyphs. Thanks! :hugs:


Attack power and health glyphs pls! Rage too😊

Thanks alot, hope to see variety of glyphs in future events.

That doesnt mean to put 3 Fire Turret glyphs only :man_shrugging:t2:

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fire and ice turret glyphs do NOTHING

they are pure blanks, no spell effect

Quick response here, but no response on the current rune dus situation which has been ongoing for weeks :rage:

yeah thats why i pointed out, we are getting useless glyphs from last 3 events, Fire turret frenzy in Gauntlet and CTW and Explosive shield in breed.

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My legendary fire turret frenzy glyph, fully upgraded with dust, increases super shot damage by 13%. I don’t consider this useless, but please correct me if I’m wrong and I wasted all that rune dust on a broken glyph :see_no_evil:.

It does nothing. Not a single point more damage before or after rune.

Rune is essentially just text

This was true up to last patch (haven’t bothered testing it again since then)

@Arelyna @PGJared see we are getting the stupid Legendary Explosive Shield Glyph again,its like just cycle going in again and again.

  1. Legendary FireTurret Frenzy Glyph in Gauntlet

  2. Legendary Explove Shield Glyph in Breeding

  3. Legendary FireTurret Frenzy Glyph in Conquer the World

  4. Legendary Explove Shield Glyph in Fortification

Please we don want to repeat it over again and again, and these glyphs arent even useful :man_shrugging:t2:Whats the last dragon with explosive shield spell ? If its rage or wisdom runes are in repeat, everyone would love to see the repeation but giving useless glyphs again and again is nonsense.
So can you please ask team or whatever for glyphs to be replaced ! Thanks

Before that was rejuvenate glyphs almost every event…smh :man_facepalming:

is it so wrong to ask that the rewards are simply rage and wisdom ?

These runes are useful for EVERY SINGLE DRAGON

Rage rune - Wisdom rune - Rage glyph - wisdom glyph

rinse and repeat. Especially since they are not movable, its a WORTHY team reward for everyone.


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