Go on strike until they let runes and glpyhs be removeable!

Whos keen to do this! Dont give them any money or anything until we get what we pay for!


:joy: oh you.




Of all the things that would make me willing to go on strike, this isn’t even in the top 100.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t like to see this change, but this thread is just an overreaction. There are plenty of real and true bugs to complain about.


Nah, they offer Odin as many rune removals as he wants and big spenders yet say to us sorry its unfair, 5 only, when they have done it to many others and i have proof, not only that, they offer players who quit Vanguard dragons and more stuff, yet were the ones supporting them and spending money, so how is this fair?

Almost time for one of my “guess the player stats who is going on a rant” posts…


You would have to get D1 and D2 to buy into this for it to get any notice. That is 2500 players who all agree it would be worth doing.

Just to put it into perspective, a topic here on the forum is doing REALLY well if it gets say, 25 hearts or likes.

You dont agree that them giving big spenders more leeway then others is fair? And to offer and give quitters vanguard tier drgaons with other stuff which is higher then most players now who continue to play and support them

Its just total bull, they constantly speak of fair, all our runes and glyphs will all be benched like the dragons, we should be able to do what we want with our runes and glpyhs and not to salvage them.

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significantly higher than I would have guessed

One could argue you got the intended use out of them. I know it’s not the popular side of the argument but there is a thread on this already.

PG owns everything, we don’t own anything.

They WANT us to spend money as they are a business.

Watch out or you’ll be labeled a jerk for calling a rant a rant. :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its very simple, you rune and glpyh removals at a cost like everything else, and you dont let higher spenders get more then others, so basically a sapphire player can quit the game and then be offered Vanguards which is higher then myself now and not spend a cent! How the hell is this fair lol, what’s the point, make them removable at a price and actually show support to the people who pay your bills and not the ones who quit, and be fair to all !! Dont be so greedy and selfish, there killing the games hype, what you thinks gonna happen when the word spreads only big spenders get the best stuff, not everyone can afford to do so and would so! That there is already a turn off of the game, imagine if they actually listened to the players and did this, how much more support and $ they would make

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I would like to be able to remove my runes from a dragon. However, resetting a rider is 10K rubies, so how much would a fully maxed rune be worth in dust and silver chests? It might cost 35K rubies or more.

The most urgent pressing needs in my mind:
Stable servers, bug free events, being able to chat and working chat groups, war - Atlas banners work, claim prizes and use sigils without having to open support tickets, reduced sync errors, reduced Can’t open Atlas and Can’t move Prim errors.
Reinstate the lost timers and offer more opportunities to grind meaningful timers, scale or fix bounty harbor, fix the daily offer, and a whole bunch of other things.

This feels like a nice to have, but I doubt I would be able to afford the ruby cost when PG prices it out.

Dont care, even if i got booted but yet they made runes removable then it was worth it, there are some really nice hard working people playing the game and cannot do what others can due to Favouritism, i sent them proof that i spent almost 3k in 1 month and yet they wouldn’t remove 2 mytics for me, so now they will be salvaged, whats the point, then they offered 7 of my friends vanguards to rejoin! They spend nothing and show no support yet i do and get less, then they send me mail saying sorry its not fair on others, lol really? All the money they make bc of our support and they cant do this for us

How can you make a cost to do something without allowing people with more resources (money) do it more than those without?

If you charge rubies, those who spend and have more rubies will be able to do it more often. I’m really not even arguing whether we should be able to or not. Just your call to boycott seems a bit extreme over this particular issue.

Lmao you know my name is in the title and you can just check my statss :joy::joy:

So what i have said you dont agree at all, i know for a fact they have done it for big spenders because im friends with alot of them! There all in Diamond league