Goda cooldown time


I love the overall designs and graphics for Goda. His passive ability is noticeable but I would suggest making his molten barrier able to absorb mages and not Cost any rage like haku’s talisman shield. Another suggestion is to reduce eruptions cooldown time from 18 To 10 second seconds like tez echoing blast. 18 seconds is far to long and molten barrier makes it hard to see when attacking.


There is a GPF for a reason right? To help PG balance these dragons rather than make them too powerful right?


GPF? Not sure if you are being serious or disrespectfully sarcastic in your statement.


What? Why would we do such a thing? /s

I mean it’s not like PG ever released a dragon that was massively unbalanced… cough-Surt-cough


Pathox cough cough lol


Pathox is a lot more stoppable than Surt is :woman_shrugging:

As for Goda… PG was happy with the results of the GPF testing him.


This reply itself means that you have no idea what you are talking about. Pathox most certainly isn’t overpowered against same tier or even hitting up.

But thanks. Why don’t we just give his passive attack bonus another +60% while we are at it for good measures. :roll_eyes:


Surt is ridiculous i agree but I have stopped him more than pathox. What Is gpf?


That’s your opinion but if you are going to be rude and immature then do us all a favor and get off the chat.


GPF = GamePlay Faction.

PG asks us for our advice on issues dealing with the main game. (We don’t touch Atlas stuff.)


Ok gotcha, too many acronyms and abbreviations floating around lol.

If Anything Just reduce goda eruption cooldown time From 18 seconds To 10 seconds.I do believe I did say OR make his barrier block mage supershots. Both would Be over the top but personally just reduce the cool down and he will Be a very powerful warrior.


It’s fine the way it is.

The point that was trying to be made is that it was found to be balanced in testing. Your proposed changes would alter that balance, hence why they won’t happen.


Agreed. It performs exactly the way as intended.


Thanks that’s all I needs now to know. Just practice more with him amen make the best of it
Thanks again


10 seconds seems legit.
Anyway, Goda is a Beast for mid-low level, as Kaiji and Haku


I feel you on the cooldown time, but I can see (with evidence of yesterday’s livestream) that Eruption is completely capable of being cast 3 (or more, maybe?) times during a solo flight with Goda. It’s really only there as a sort of failsafe in case Goda’s health lowers too much, or if the Dragon takes too much damage in between Molten Barrier’s cooldown. 18 seconds can seem daunting on paper, but it’s not as overwhelming in flight. :slight_smile:


Maybe in the realm where you are residing, with your level 65 towers and +100 gear, but it is certainly true for bases with towers in the 40s and low 50s and middling gear (which is typical down here). Your view is myopic, and it never ceases to amaze me when responses like yours get likes from other mods. It is possible to make a point and be civil.


Thanks and yeah I agree that with his runes and skill set Be very good. To me he just seems like a step back from what haku and cav can do.


Don’t get me wrong eruption is a great spell and does a lot but 18 seconds in game play is a long time. Depending on the base of course but if eruption can’t be modified the next perhaps make it so that molten barrier can block mages as well as everything else. That would make him more practical no?

His passive and resist is amazing

Thanks For your response


Please no