Godbye and Thanks for all the Dragons

I’ve played war dragons on a daily basis for about 14 months.

I’ve enjoyed playing the game, yes it as its problems, its not perfect but its been a good game and in those 14 months I havent felt the need to spend money other than 12 months Elite and even that was a luxury … I havent yet (at level 126) reached a cap where I cant progress without spending - a good achievement for any f2p game.

I have however run out of interest … flying the same battle over and over has just got repetitive … I’ve not been given access to Atlas despite hearing all about it on a daily basis (which is incredibly annoying offputting and demotivating despite also hearing that its nothing special and I’m missing nothing).

I have therefore decided that from the end of the recent autumn (fall) season to take a break - uninstall the app and say ‘goodbye and thank you’ both to all the great players and pg. I might come back in spring … I might not.

Have fun all



Um ok bye? (Dunno why I should care but bye anyway!)


Shrug … if you dont care then thats fine … war dragons has however been a part of my life for over a year so I felt it right to say goodbye to those I’ve met and played with here.

(Nice to know you care about every other post here that hasnt received a similar response :wink:)


Bye Thraxas0, you will always find us here, if you come back!

Take care and have fun with whatever you’re going to do! :wink:

PS: I’m curious: Which dragon tier have you reached?

Thraxas. It’s funny because I was saying the same thing to my team leader. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose different island layouts, from among, say five different layouts? I think this would add more depth to the game and would be a little less predictable.

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They tried to give us a new layout with Atlas and it’s full of bugs and glitches, monuments can’t be targeted, towers sometimes can’t be hit with AoEs (or much harder after some training), it’s a mess.

Would be nice if we got more different base designs like the Halloween theme or the Winter theme they announced, there is much more to add.

And, I’m repeating myself, the same boring tower designs since lvl15 towers is making the game extremely stale. They could make new designs for lvl20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 towers and maybe even change the supershots a little to make them stronger, there are so many possibilities…


Atlas is same layout with changed scenery, am I wrong?

Nah, towers are all over the place in comparison.

It’s the same design, but it’s much more of a 3D map. And either the towers are slightly placed differently or the 3D perspective alters the targeting.

There is a section there it’s almost impossible to get the front 3 towers using noctuas noxious vines, which visually
Appears that the outside towers are spread out at a wider angle and missing the target area.

And the monuments are completely differn’t.

The groupings of 5 towers is the same and the Long Island short island pattern is the same.

But it is quite a bit differnt. There is also a wall that you have to destroy that sort of kills a lot of precasted spells.

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Growth is painful

I’ve just bred my first couple of platinum legendary dragons but have not yet got them to breeding level.

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