Godzilla vs King Kong who you have

I’m asking because the movie is being made so I will ask again Godzilla vs King Kong, who you have in this fight. Me if Godzilla has those powers he possess in the movie I give it to him, but if it’s a straight melee it’s a toss up for me

Oh November need to hurry the hell up

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Kong is shorter than Gojira.
But looks like Gojira’s powers will be gone as he used them all up to be an atom bomb.
Kong’s faster and flexible.
Gojira is just sheer brute force, with extremely durable skin and scaly armor, plus he commands all titans now.
Both are equally intelligent.
It will be come down to who has a better tactic in combat, and in the environment they’ll fight.
Kong will have house advantage in Skull Island, whereas Gojira is God in the seas.


Plot twist, this is actually an Avengers spinoff where Nick Fury and Captain Marvel are hunting down Loki who seeks protection with Scarlet Witch… oh and some giant monsters fight in the background

Godzilla > Kong


King Kong


This is Godzilla vs King Kong debate of who would win

The radiation of godzilla will probably kill kong before he can do anything

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Wait a minute I thought the ape had a small head and beefy arms

All odds I bet my 7 cents that it’s Godzilla this time

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Kong would win Jump on the back of Godzilla ram the thumbs in the eyes, wrap arms around the neck squeeze until dead. No counter attack as Godzilla has Trex arms and is totally f****d.

Idk about that look at T-Rex arms they be dead faster than Godzilla he can breathe plasma beams and whip stuff with a tail just as a T-Rex’s can bite stuff to nullify attacks in Jurassic park or kill things irl they probably do the same thing, Godzilla isn’t that stupid.

Jump on his back…


I would

I take kong any day.

Me I will always go with godzilla

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For those who are saying that Gojira will kill Kong using his radiation and atomic breath (that is what it’s called),

So I don’t think he has that much radiation left still. He may emit a little amount but that would be pretty much harmless to Kong.

Now for those saying Kong can come up from behind, Gojira has those pointy scales on his back so Kong could not stay there strangulating him.