Going for mythic run for F2P advice?

Going for mythic this upcoming on this free account since I don’t know the aspects of the free to play rules I have been saving chests and rubies what are the things I should do as a free to play

How much do you have saved up? Try to complete at least 1 50% off discount week 1-2 and hope you can get both. 1st key from rider is fastest way for 1 key with no discounts. Week 6-7 will have 20% discount which is a focus you need to take the opportunity on. Good luck, it won’t be easy


I will get both trees before the time 2nd week is out


Then your odds will be better than mine. I may not be able to get my mythic this season which would suck big time, just have to hope.

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I will open all my chests during pvp better drop rate and opening over 3.5k bronze chests over 300 gold chests and we’ll over 100k rubies I should be sitting nice


You just have to try and get those 2 discounts and it will be much easier for you

I’m excited because one of them is the invoker I’m very fond of invokers


If you’re p2p just spam 2000$ For gold chest boom there’s your mythic
Just kidding but you might need to check the title of the thread (p2p= pay to play)
For all seriousness i have been getting myself mythic dragon every season since spring blossom as etp and the advice i can give you are:

  • save chest and rss to open on the first pvp of the season cause you will need the rss ( open in fort if you need embers/timers)
  • set a goal for season in season planners and calculating the prize you need to reach to get a mythic.
  • use sigils wisely for the line you need for example i go for howi line after the two discount this season to fuel the timer for fort. Which also means that you might have to reconsider if getting anything from the mystery branch if you deem that it’s too risky for your plan
  • being on a team that score high in event is a good thing to help you grow and get more rss to fuel your main game

With tight planning i got 3 discounts, hugo , howi, pylon, 100% mission, both exotic branch and 2 mythic this season without paying anything more than elite accounts and I start with less than what you currently have


This season was a good one to get 2 mythics, next season won’t be as easy

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Sometimes I fly pvp like 5 hours straight with krelos to save rss so getting both still mind numbing


P2P… pay to play?

I know you will manifest yourself here lol

well, the title caught my eyes… so… :woozy_face:

I corrected it my bad other account is the exact opposite

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Closer to $14000 if you start with nothing…

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14000$ is enough to get both
14000$ = 4.9m rubies
=12250 gold chest ( each approximately 20 sigils , forgot the exact data i know you’re expert on this ) =245k sigils


I would say you should aiming to have at least around 6k bronze chest and 200/300 Gold chest at start of the season saved to open them in first PvP of the season plus the sigils you get in the firsts 2 events you should get the discount one done and the egg/timers missions boost also.
You should aim to hit the 400/450 sigils prize tier every event ( except fort where you can score higher ).
Save all the rubies you can during season to buy Super sigils chests in the last 2 weeks of season ( you gonna need around 180 to 200k rubies ).
Manage your resources ( energy packs and Inner Fires… That’s why you need to open them in PvP’s ) well during season to save the bronze and gold chest for upcoming season.

I was at P1 league without getting the 10/10 team quest prizes and the 8/8 team prize in every event and that would get me the Mythic and normally the team I was in used to finish pvp events in middle of score board.

Hope it helps :v:

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Erm yeah, not sure where that 1 came from, was supposed to say $4000… :see_no_evil: