Going for mythic run for F2P advice?

I hope you are not referring to me. It’s been a year or more since I asked that question and that was as f2p without any elite which I accomplished. Since then I’ve been getting a mythic every season so please don’t assume my credentials.

They don’t seem to have been referring to you,

Please don’t assume I’m talking about you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Talking about blood. He/she asks questions and advice and then goes and starts attempting to correct ppl. Think he/she has split personality disorder. 1 that knows they need help and 1 that thinks they know something.

Ahh ok, I haven’t kept track of this thread just saw I had a notification.


This video has my breakdown of getting a mythic with 2 discounts at the start, the lines cost a little more this season though so you’ll have to account for that.

I also saw some talk about comparing gold chest vs super Sigils chests - simply put, as a basic rule gold chests are better for progression, but super Sigils in my opinion are not a huge waste in some situation, because of the gold chests and other prizes you get from the line predominantly if it’s completing a final line for a mythic you really want (my philosophy is, who cares about a little progression if you aren’t enjoying the game, and getting mythics is fun! Haha)


Great layout of how to get this seasons mythic in terms of effort required

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The best way to mythic is one discount in 2 weeks eggs week 3 thank 8:8 last 10 weeks easy peasy

Well I’m about done with marav line basically near the end base boost is already done

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Well can pretty much guarantee I’m getting cavalor not sooner as most but as long as I get him I’m content

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Well both branches are done advice of what branch to go after next

Im saving sigils till i get a total of 36k ,incase they add mystery branches. Then mostly going for darkul pylon line

Egg token mission boost and then save in case the release a limited branch you want