Going from 202 to 250

Need 2,131 days but gots 1,707 days of timers. :sob:

@Crisis, @Arelyna, the freakin storage hut upgrades are a time suck (takes 504 days). Can ya’ll please look into dropping the time needed to level it??? :sob::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Edit: Changed from 3,035 days to 2,131.


Those numbers don’t sound correct to me for some reason


Why? I’m not letting my storage hut lag behind :confused:

Should it be higher? :flushed:

Sam, completed Fortiplanner posted here (screen shots) or it didn’t happen. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I hearby document that I need timers! Contribute to the “Get Hwrd to Harbinger ASAP” fund today!

But I’ll agree that:
Timer shortage needs to be addressed and soon.
Storage costs/timers are WAY overdue for a revamp!
Lower level towers and dragons need another round of discounts with Emp released and new tower levels on the horizon.


You have to factor how long it will take you and then how many timers you will get. I haven’t factored yet how many I get from divine lines plus seasonal events plus atlas events. But a good chunk of the needed timers you’ll get from there.
The hell of timers was post 300 pre wall break

(I guess you don’t want to go that far in a single event, do you? Because you have to go together with you dragons)

Stretching the events I could design a 4 forts to go from 209 to 300,the same time (4 months) that will take me from end of emerald to first harbinger. In fact thanks to a @mechengg I don’t need to reach 300 by then, but would be good just to hatch the Harb. Anyway, in 4 forts is doable albeit the last fort will be a little bit pushy. The only missing side for me is again factor how many timers I get from the 3 main sources: atlas events, regular events and divine lines. I’m not factoring gold chests but should get some from there as well

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Ahh, I forgot to input 30% construction reduction. Now its 2,131 days. Still so much :sob:

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Its not possible to do it right in one build. Need to have obsidian eggs ready by the time I hit 223

:laughing: plus look at tower times that needs addressed to :smile:

That sounds better :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wouldn’t worry too much about which level you are while at obsidian. It will fly fast, so just think 300 for the harbs.

I did the same as you and got myself underperforming a tad on breeding as I couldn’t incubate the 2 harbs needed for the next par. Atlas is the best way for timers imo

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