Going on Strike For Scaling


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(Edit: Going to extend the date I set for a reply from PG to the middle of January due to the holidays. As Jared mentioned they aren’t in the office so a response probably won’t happen, if at all, until they come back)

I’ve spent the last two years creating guides for this community. Whether or not all of them have been helpful to every player in the game, there is still a decent amount of players who have found answers to questions they’ve had on these videos.

Scaling has been an issue for a while now, and it has been thrown under the rug, it seems, and hasn’t been addressed as much as I feel it should. Since I began doing YT two years ago, we’ve seen the introduction of 5 (almost 6) new tiers and nearly 40 tower levels…yet the payouts in chests have remained the same. A level 1 player gets the same rewards as a level 600 which doesn’t really make sense.

All I’m asking for is a public letter of some sort regarding the stance of PG on this issue. Not some bs stall tatic that is your go to, but a legitimate reason why scaling hasn’t been implemented after so many people have asked for it for years and if there is any plans to implement some form of scaling in the future.

I know some people will be rejoicing that I might be deleting my videos, but I hope there will be some that are willing to put aside their personal agenda and views of me and realize my goal is to help the game continue on so we can continue to burn each other’s bases to ashes. :wink:

~ Odin


Wouldn’t one assume that the GPF would have already asked for something like this? I think that’s a reasonable assumption based on how long the public post took addressing the 2019 roadmap.

I’d love if you threatening to pull a Red would actually get a statement like this published. Guess we will see what they say :slightly_smiling_face:


Well the GPF doesn’t really give out that information do they? :face_with_monocle:

I’m tired of waiting for the “GPF” to get stuff changed since we don’t see any of it. Might as well do something people can actually see.

“Pulling a Red” :joy:


I for one haven’t spent in months, and wont even consider spending till at minimum those 24h and 48h timers are in the chests


If this does not get a response, we would have lost a second good content producer for the game.

Saddens me a lot. :frowning:


I’m curious what your recommendation for scaling would be? Obviously the simple answer is some sort of progressive scale. What’s your solution for the huge backlash from the highest spenders who are obviously the highest levels? Any reduction in xp base required would have them very angry, and rightfully so. This doesn’t mean scaling doesnt need to happen, but what is your suggestion to the problem?


#StandWithOdin :grin:


Details of changes that need to be made that are justified to benefit all players for now and the future, description of the needed changes to make sure players want to progress knowing their time and effort will be rewarded in a way that will drive players forward, creating more excitement and passion for a game we all enjoy being a part of… so @odin I put to you if change is what this game needs let’s here a proposal that we can all agree,add or discuss to assure pg takes this seriously.


Maybe they don’t scale gold chests because it is an awful idea! Scaling gold Chests means giving highest level players more crap! That would be a disaster! The gap between whales and the rest should be smaller, not larger!

Sure gold chests could be better, but it should NOT scale based on level.


Stand by Odin. PG listen Please its important to scale according to levels.


It should scale some. Maybe 1/2 as much as you need to keep the same pace as a lower lvl. But you can really only hold back spenders soo much. They could also ONLY scale enough to help pass the 300 wall (which I believe is where most people quit)?


Pg please respond, Odins has guided me and some of my teammates by teaching us WD better. It would be ashamed to lose him. I don’t think his request asks too much.


I’m with Mike on this. Scaling shouldn’t be per level (except food/wood packs). But the content of so-called legendary drops should be scaled (and all other drops accordingly).

E.g. When dragons cost 50k tokens max, a 3k drop could be seen as legendary. Now that the max cost is much higher (250k?), 3k is not enough to be legendary. 15k would make more sense if the max egg cost had gone up by 5 times.

Same logic for timers, embers, etc.


Yes reduction in xp would cause massive problems with the higher levels. That’s not what I’m referring to tho.

My suggestion is to make gold chests scale with level. Just like xp potions and food packs. Timers and egg tokens, in my opinion, should increase at least slightly as you level up. Doesn’t even have to be a massive increase, but just something to make it worthwhile.

For one tower past level 60, it takes around 70-90 12 hours depending on research and rider. With 4 towers needed to level up one level past 300, that means roughly 200 days of speedups per level. Scaling gold chests would help people get past the “300 wall” in a way that wouldn’t cause too many issues with the whales.


if odin pulls off his videos that will be bad for most players in game , well I agree that pg has CF to do their publicity for dragons and stuff but odin is the only one that reveals dragons abilities like nobody else does , his way of flying convinced tons of players to get more worthy dragons and spend wisely . so pg consider this as well please dont lose odin’s videos .


Chests need better items imo get rid of base att and hp in golds even if over a certain level, some evolutionary tweaks to chest contents so players get more of, not only what they need but items that would be used maybe even a timer exchange so can trade some 1 min - 3min timers for 1 hours or even 3s… I can’t imagine how many 1min 3min timers some high level players would hold…


Why scale at all though and not just make the drops better for all?


I agree, but scaling on level is a bad idea. They should just be better.


Your right, better works for everyone and maybe limit how many of 1 gold chest in 10 you can gain, like getting 3 base hp gold chest in a 10 set or 3 golds of potions in 10 makes me depressed feeling as thought pg knows why i am opening gold chest and what I’m after and making damn sure i won’t get what I need till I’m out of rubies…


Because that effectively only moves the 300 wall slightly higher. I’ve NEVER played another game where prizes don’t scale at least some based on player level.

Obviously it shouldn’t be as easy to from from 300 to 310 as it is to go from 1 to 10. But it also shouldn’t be as difficult to go from 300 to 330 as it is to get to 300.

Just like they did with the breeding wall the 300 wall should somehow, some way be made into a slope. If prize scaling isn’t the answer fine. As long as there is an answer I don’t really care what it is, assuming it’s good and created by the GPF not PG.