Going on Strike For Scaling


Packs, prices, if the value isn’t the same why would we pay the same price?


Addiction… that’s why most have and still do. Fine make packs valuable again. But the game economy is much more complex Than saying “make packs better because 35k gems means nothing to a 300+”. It may be a true statement but there are reasons behind it that need to be fixed or it’s just putting lipstick on a pig. Go make out with the pig if you want I suppose, I won’t judge… much.


What if I have a lot to,drink first, is it ok then?


Red said it best (liked she does a lot of times).

Fixing packs and adjusting values of items wouldn’t help with the situation. There seems to be invisible walls everywhere with progression in the game. They need to be addressed. Atlas is the good-bad thing that keeps this game in a non-living, non-dead limbo.

Anything to indicate that work is being done on the balancing and getting the crux of the end game right, would be a welcome sight at this point. It should serve as a start to give the remaining players some slight hope of longevity and improvement somewhere in the horizon.


This is a post I made a while ago.
Progression and retention suggestion

I ran some math based on scaling things based on top tier to show what it would look like if drops from chests were scaled to match vanguard. This assumes that PG had chest drops correct at either Gold, Platinum or Sapphire depending on when you chose to scale. I would say Platinum XP based numbers would make the most sense as that was where the progression improvements start. If this was implemented based on current top tier and every time a new tier was released chest drops were scaled based on increased costs you can see how it would also act as catch up mechanic. No additional progression improvement type coding would be required. The spenders would still get top tier faster than the F2P and E2P but everyone would progress faster through obsolete tiers. Money now goes farther so it puts value back in packs. Ember shortages for non spenders not in top tier would be eased greatly. Top tier if you wanted to support large numbers of premium towers would still require spending. (Gotta still give PG a way to make money). Pearl shortages would be eased.

The decoder ring is:

CC=chest common drop; CR=Chest rare drop; CE=chest epic drop; CL=Chest Legendary drop.

Resource is self explanatory.

Current is what we get right now.

Proposed G, P, and S are if the scaling were based on starting at gold, platinum, or Sapphire and scaling up from there. These columns were based on the % difference in cost/times of a single tower or single legendary dragon. While it gives a decent boost it does not show the full story of the xp wall post 300.

Proposed G XP, P XP, and S XP I calculated the base XP to go from max of one tier to max next tier. I assumed relatively constant XP/timer spent and then took the difference between xp for tiers to calculate the multiplier.

For pearls I assumed drop amounts were based on the respective tier and a single perch while Vanguard was based on 2 perches as with the higher xp requirements bases will naturally get longer.

I took pre progression improvement numbers for tower/breeding costs otherwise the numbers would be inflated as those tiers would show even less valuable.


The topic seems to wander here🤪
But I believe it was the 300 wall and how to fix it.:+1:
Someone has suggested scaling and scaling of golds
for a solution to the 300 wall and I have to agree with
those who are saying it’s a bad idea for all the reasons
listed above!:man_shrugging:
I will say the contents need updating and the composition
of drop could be broader with more items included and a
slight increase in their drop rate for everyone👍.
And by slight increase i do…mean a tiny tiny amount👌
“Pgs running a business”… we all get that :sunglasses::+1:

:fire:Drop composition - Drop rate​:fire:
1.Drop composition is outdated we all agree🤷‍♂️
a.Slight adjustment to quantity’s given
b.Major inclusion of missing consumables

2.Drop RATE!! needs to be increased a tiny fraction.
a.Mainly the golds drop rate! From 400/1 to let’s say 300/1
b.A even smaller increase in silver and bronze.

That said I do not think adjusting drop rate & compostion is a stand alone solution nor will they fix the 300 wall alone!

:fire:Possible solutions​:fire:
Let’s completely rework it :scream:and allow for end game players to have a place to use tokens instead of adding more and more content that buries the moderate spender you know… “the bulk of the player base”:crazy_face:and add some stuff that eases the pain of the progression above 300​:+1:
The same here completely overhaul from ground up​:scream::rofl:
And include more forgeable items and yes here
is a place scaling can help but it’s damaging effects
to game balance are minimized by the need for activity.:+1:

I think with a combination of these changes👆
We could ease the 300 wall without throwing off
the monetary balance we all know PG needs to
Maintain in order to keep the game profitable!:muscle:

That’s my perspective as a 5 year player :sunglasses:
Minimal change in a few areas versus
a massive change in one area of the game! :balance_scale:

Thanks for reading :crazy_face:
Can some tag PG for this post and see if they
can get them to respond to it :pray:pretty please lol
I’m not tech savvy as I need to be :crazy_face:I’m old :man_shrugging:Lol
But would love to see a actual well thought out
response to my post :+1:
Any help there from the community would be great :sunglasses::muscle:

Thanks again for your time :crazy_face::cookie:



The thing is, if you make the gold chest better, a level 1 will still be getting the same amount of embers or timers as a level 600 and even a level 6000. In my opinion, if you scale gold chest a to where the loot increases by a certain amount every, maybe, 50-75 levels, you could progress faster in the game.


We want to make the gap shorter, not longer…


Not sure I understand the objections to re-scaling the game above the 300 player level. If i understand some of the posts above, it appears the complaint is “I paid to get the top tier dragons and towers and now new players will get it cheaper than what I paid”. But that’s how these games work. You ever play GoW, Mobile Strike, CoC, Samurai Siege. They are all the same. If you want the top gear or troops, you pay. Then the game comes out with a new tier of gear and troops. If you still want to be on top, you pay again. Meanwhile, the old gear and troops gets sold at a severe discount. The fact you paid in the past for the then top gear and troops is irrelevant. You got the benefit of your bargain. You got to have the best gear and troops (or in this case, dragons and towers) at the time. But once new stuff comes out, its pay again or everyone catches up with you and you all fall behind the next level of payers.

If I recall correctly, when the 300 wall was created, obsidians were the top tier of dragons. So it made perfect sense to slow down base advancement around 300 at that time. The problem is that as the top tier scale of dragons and towers advanced, PG failed to move the wall up as well. The wall should be reset each time to act as a buffer to prevent player levels for exceeding the at-the-time end game levels. By failing to do so, you now have an artificial barrier which bottlenecks players and results in players getting bored with the game.


That’s the point. If it takes 6 months to get through top tier then it will still take the level 1 1.5 years with chests continuously adjusting up to finish what was top tier when they started. By that time they will be 3 tiers from top tier. If done right average player would stabilize 1 to 2 tiers back. Grinder would be 1 tier back to .5 tiers behind top tier. Extreme grinder would be able to maintain top tier.


I agree
Scaling would be extremely beneficial to the game just beause it’d be that 1 BIT EASIER TO BREED A DRAGON IN VANGUARD
With that said PG I know you’re reading Odin’s post sooo
Listen to him!
Quote: A lvl 1 gets as many speedups as a lvl 600
Meaning players are going to spend more money to get more speedups and or sigils


make player level a curve/linear increase instead of giant steps.

implement a permanent catch up mechanic

Top tier - x = tier and below dragon+towers are reduced cost to breed, xp for training, incubation, tower build time.
*make this automatically update with every new tier release.

the lower you are the greater the decrease in requirements.

in this way its ok that level 1 and level 500 get the same timers. it goes further the lower the level of the player. as you reach near end game your “boost” essentially turns off unless you grow slower than new tier roll out. in which case after roll out youd get pushed forward again due to reduction in progression costs.

Pay to Win still have an advantage being several tiers higher than the other players. For example have it stop 2-3 tiers below end game.


A level 1 does not have the same opportunity to earn chests as a level 600, events are harder and hence sigels chests etc are more difficult to come by for the lvl 1. Scaling already exists as a result of this.

What you are suggesting, unless I misunderstood, would mean the level 600 benefits the most, new tiers would have to be released more frequently or the lvl 600 would have nothing to do. Meanwhile those at lvl 200 who were 4 tiers away from end game now find themselves 6 tiers away from end game and going backwards, the lvl 300 players would have the same issue, suddenly the game is left with no one but big spenders and probably just two teams left, and as the sum of spending by the big spenders is nothing compared to the money spent by the thousands of players who have elite and spend small, the game will shut down as not worth maintaining. That is the issue with full chest scaling.

Full chest scaling would increase progression though tiers, but as it would create more tiers, it would decrease progression through the game.


You do realize that breeding catchup mechanics have been implemented, and rather decently…right?


In general, I might have an unpopular opinion here. Sort of.

Does the 300 wall need to be addressed? Yes.

Do I think the only way to do that is to change building XP, times, etc? No.

I think if we ask for a change in what exists, it will be an extremely messy route as that would influence player levels right now. Instead, I think the call should be to add to what we have.

People right now have to pay to get over the 300 wall, with the sole purpose of getting to 330 where they can continue progression. That’s the issue here - lack of progression for 30 levels (and then you’re pretty stuck as you can’t expert anything for more) . No one in the game should stop progressing unless they don’t play much at all. Do gold chests need to be addressed? Yes but they shouldn’t be the fix, but rather a small portion of it. The playerbase needs a way to grind clocks, which are currently the most used resource and one of the only ones we cannot farm. That is where the gap is coming from. You either buy it, or don’t progress. Availability and farming of clocks…

  • I’d to see a way to farm clocks
  • I’d like to see many forge levels added, where every higher level reduced forge times.
  • I’d like to see gold chests be made minorly customizeable (hey choose 12 out of 15 items you’d like to drop)
  • I’d like to see gold chest contents updated
  • I’d like to see team prizes that actually make my team care about our ranking in events
  • I’d like to see tower transformation so older players aren’t fucked every single time a new tower comes out.

Things like this.


Why not letting us choose most epic and legendary drops (except sigil)?

For example, one can intentionally choose egg token, or ember at his/her own will.


This will never happen


Mega ooft


That defeats their purpose of monetizing gold chests.


:thinking: Perhaps limiting it even more…
For example, only for premium rss (excluding timers and egg token…)
Should put less strain for anyone with overloaded rss, yet allow one lacking certain rss to get it.