Going on Strike For Scaling


I am betting that the “fix” will come right after I crawl over this wall, just like they made life easier for the sapphire wall after I was standing on top of that one.


Though, It looks like two more forts AFTER this current one for me to get from 315 to 330 so maybe there’s a little hope.

Feel lucky punk? :wink:


Yes I realize it was put in for 3 tiers.
It doesn’t automatically add additional scaled tiers when new tiers are added (unless im mistaken)

The gating mechanisms do put a huge speed limiter on how quickly people can “catch up”

Since it is effective why not expand upon the same thinking/methodology?


I have another unpopular opinion:
Don’t do anything to existing towers. The old ones are a thing of the past like lineage dragons that are not Vanguard or the new tier coming. Both are useless.

The only thing makes sense from my humble point of view, is to convert fire and ice shards to embers. This will reduce the current currencies for towers to lumber and embers, and if you also convert in the gold chests, you have a higher amount of embers to obtain, overall.

Maybe even changing pearls to embers? There are too many currencies!

I agree to the other points, but all in all, I’m far from the wall and I can’t tell from experience what would be needed to fix it.



People complain that increasing the contents of gold chests will just increase the gap between spenders and non-spenders. Well, what we need is a way for grinders to reduce that gap instead- similar to the way we can grind for egg token missions now.


Not saying I disagree or would be agaisbt this cause I’m definitely all for it. But this was on the Player Request stream back in the day and PG said this would never happen so in doubtful that this particular thing would happen.

Everything else you mentioned I think would help solve this issue. My initial suggestions of scaling gold chests would be geared more for the low to high spenders. Awarding activity would be a better way to do it to get benefit to the non spenders who are very active.

Exactly… it’ll impact those who have kept their level lower to be a very strong whatever level they are.

While we are on the subject…how about making team prizes, global prizes, atlas team prizes, etc. better? These prizes haven’t changed in YEARS. The global prizes are a complete joke. First place gets 11k rubies…for probably 500k+ used to get to there. 500-1k gets basically nothing. Why not make it something of value to be an incentive to get players to try? I’m fairly certain that more players would spend to try and place higher in events if there was some sort of benefit for them. 125 rubies once a week isn’t even worth anything for a level 20 :rofl:

I’ll pull a Red here lol
*Slow clap"


In a simple word: no

Past lineage dragons can sit in your den and you never need to see them. Having them vs not having them doesn’t matter.

Now compare that to towers. Sure you can store them, but having them still matters to your player level. So having extremely sub par towers isn’t something you can get rid of.

And some players actually didn’t do anything wrong building their base at that time, there simply wasn’t throtr powerful option available, hence a tower transformation method would be ideal. If the person stuck to 10 towers all along, they should have the opportunity to have the same strength base at the same level, doesn’t matter when they started or when they spent their money to level up.

Option to refund/recycle old towers debate

I agree with this, but think it totally irrelevant to the 300 wall that is a timer issue.


Pg implemented a catch up mechanism for towers at the same time they made breeding cheaper as a catch up, they simply made towers 41-55 require less timers, since then the max tower has increased, it makes sense that towers in the 55 - 65 range will be the next to be discounted to allow progression past the out of date 300 wall.


I think this comes down to, can I even upgrade a single tower above level 50 for 20 bucks? Simple answer… No, it’s just not going to happen. If I spend 1 hour grinding (spell check edit)for chests will I get enough timers to upgrade a single tower above 40? No. Not even close. At about 8 hours of chest farming I might get enough timers to get 1 upgrade. This is not backed by actual math and if someone has this please feel free to add. This is where I think Red and others are getting.


Platinum, Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald, and Obsidian parents, which influences players in Platinum, Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald, Obsidian, and early Harbinger tiers.

No it doesn’t automatically add anything because honestly it shouldn’t. Platinum should not get any cheaper, it’s at a good spot. This discount should be monitored carefully and mapped carefully. It’s an easy thing to change the way they did it, but it shouldn’t be automatic. A lot of time needs to be put in calculating how much it will reduce the cost, how that will change the time to get from A go C, etc. The discount, and pushing for it, was a major pet project of mine.

Because they are very different things.

No. Lineage dragons we all had to get, whether you started three years ago or today, in order to get to endgame. Old towers are very different. No one builds trebs, for example, because dark flaks are much more effective with the stun function. Well dark flaks didn’t exist when I started the game, and as such it was popular to sometimes see double trebs on the long kill island. Now you don’t have to get trebs to get dark flaks, so the older players are constantly punished. It does not make sense to punish you’re nost loyal players.

Years ago. They have said many things weren’t on their roadmap back in the day, but I have a feeling they finally realize change is needed, don’t you?


He was suggesting more on the subject, hence why I replied.

It was a good start, but it won’t be enough. A single thing by itself won’t be enough.


OMW to post about rainbow Evo stones



I’m going to drive to Canada and punch you :joy:


Please do, would be lovely to see you again :grin:


All players are constantly punished by that view. Someone that starts today and build the base using the current towers (if can get the embers) will be punished in two years or even in 1 year when after reaching a fraction of your current level, PG delivers ultratorpedo towers, that use black diamonds as currency and everything older becames useless. In that sense, we are all screwed periodically (I’m looking at you, stored fire and ice turrets along with their useless fire/ice shards that I continue getting in gold chests).

I fail to see how that is even possible according to your proposal:

When I went through that post, I failed to see the actual advantage. Swap towers (for a cost) but of the same type? How that allows you to maintain the same strength at the same level? You have a bunch of cannons, trebuchets, lightning towers that you can convert within the same group, but the whole group is useless (except storm, and even now you have the same function with Earth Flak).
Next tower iteration when they deliver the ultratorpedo towers based on black diamonds, would be another tier (by your proposal) and all the flaks will be near useless.

If the proposal (not yours, other) is to convert between different groups, like a level 60 archer tower (1,611,950 ATK, 4,835,846 special) to a level 53 Dark Flak (1,598,584 ATK, 6,015,425 Special, not very comparable in this item), what do you do with the currency difference? And what then for Flak to Ultratorpedo conversion? Or Ballista to Ultratorpedo?

I don’t see an effective way out of the mess created by the introduction of more currencies.

Hence my unpopular opinion of not touching old towers

PS: I received the same answer before, that old towers and old dragons are not the same. I get it, but both are useless and superseeded by new shiny objects all the time. Is the rythm of the game.


I’m really glad you decided to quote my proposal from 9 months ago. Hahaha

I’m not allowed to give more details about what I believe the conversion rate would be because I’ve given them elsewhere, but general would be changing between the standard group (treb, ltg, arch, cannon, storm) would be just a Ruby and timer cost. To change between groups (upgrade to a turret style or a flak style) would also include shards of the related grouping.


one thing to mitigate the timer requirement could simply be research, we’re currently 4 or 5 tiers behind on that. if we had a 4 or 5% construction mitigation per tier then we’d be at a 53% to 62% construction time reduction by now and the max time for current buildings would be
with research

Assuming they don’t raise it again


You’re saying there might be a conversion between towers? I’m confused.


Im with you Odin, I’m almost level 500 and have spent thousands on this game in 4 years of play. As an exceptional recruiter in a game where recruiting sucks. I am seeing too many players quitting (in droves) and not many new players incoming and way too many alts.

Also have been hearing for a couple months now that PG will be bankrupt by this Summer. Something better change or they better have Plan B ready for a new JOB. Jus Sayin.


I like the idea of chest scaling but I am also curious if anyone has ever considered or discussed adding builders, like an extra builder at 300, 400, 500, etc., possibly even with the ability to assign more than one builder to a tower to reduce its construction time. As old towers become obsolete and have to be replaced, it would be nice if the higher level players could do that easier since they are the ones who lost all of their original investment in the old towers.

I know that’s a much more radical suggestion but a third builder at level 300 would be a huge motivational reward to get there and provide a big boost towards advancing from there. I don’t even think that it would throw fort events out of whack that much because players would really only get one extra build beyond their normal allotment of timers.

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