Going on Strike For Scaling


The extra builder idea would be nice in a game where buildings didn’t take two months for one upgrade lol. An extra builder or two wouldn’t help a whole lot as players like myself who can’t afford to have four towers leveling at once cause our bases would basically be worthless. We more or less are forced to use timers to finish it in order to have a dependable base.

I like the idea of converting old towers to the new, updated ones. A way this might be able to ve done is have old, outdated towers be converted to the similar newer towers which have nearly identical purposes on bases. For example: cannons for ice flaks, archers for electro flaks, storms for earth flak, etc.

@TheRedDelilah @mechengg thoughts on that particular idea? Y’all seem to see potential issues much better than myself lol.


I had proposed nearly that same upgrade scheme about 4ish months ago.

The downside would be that over time a tower that stuns may not be appropriate anymore, or a shield breaker may not be, thus the ability to change as the meta changes (for a cost) at the same tower levels would be a nice feature. Especially as new towers may be introduced (maybe a projectile for the first time in 2 years?) And dragons with different elemental or RP are released


What if two builders cut the build time in half if used on one build rather than simply allowed you to build two buildings?


That’s why I also threw in the possibility of doubling up builders on one tower to cut the production time in half. It may not be feasible to mess with the number of builders but one thing I have noticed about WD compared to some other games with base building is that there aren’t any big milestones, like extra builders for hitting certain levels or accomplishments. You also bring up another point that bugs me with this game, which is that the best tactic is to have as few towers as possible, which creates so many cookie cutter bases. I know it’s off-topic but I wish there were something that made longer bases viable and worthwhile, like a combat bonus for using more of the tower slots. The longer I play and the higher level I get, the less variety in base design I see.


More builders won’t really speed things up much, in the grand scheme of things 99% of building is done instantaneously during fort events and that won’t change regardless of how many builders we have.


I am against to the idea of more builders , timers are those who speed towers and xp should be scaled as mike suggested


If it cuts the build time in half, you would use 1/2 as many timers.

Anyway, what do you care, you h8 dis game :wink:


Well I hate it because I care :blush:

If you can stack them. But at that point I’d ask why bother, better to just reduce build times. And doing it so you could stack builders would cause
So many issues. At least with reducing build times they could control it a bit.


Tell that to China…



Scaling Gold chests seems like a good idea. Stick to your guns Odin!


I’ve read some of this thread (there is quite a lot to read) and I believe that all we are doing is having a huge discussion about what the end result of scaling should be. Not to say we shouldn’t keep talking about this, outlining exactly what we want to be fixed and how is rather necessary, I personally have decided to show exactly WHY PG should care about this issue.
From what we know, pg pretty much cares solely about the $$$ they get from the game, and while I don’t like this anymore than anyone else, I’ve seen it from a few other companies, so I wouldn’t say the game is at a worse state than some of the other mobile games I’ve seen out there. Anyway, getting off topic here. So PG cares about money, and for that reason, they pretty much couldn’t give a shit if Odin took down all his vids. This is the problem, and the solution is outlining why they should care.
These are ideas I have given myself, as always these are forums and open for free discussion, meaning I would like for others to critique my ideas and present some of their own.
Odin knows quite a few people, as greatly shown by the number of subs he has and the number of posts on this thread. I could easily see about 1/5-1/10 of his dedicated watchers to quit the game over this, and pretty much all his watchers that arent insane spenders to boycott PG, and could probably get most of their clan to do so as well. These strikes would be extensive throughout the community, and would cause an absolutely enourmous loss of revenue for PG. This is why they should care, because most of us see no reason to spend money on a game if a heavy spender quit because he was progressively getting less and less for his money. And if you could convince most of your clan the same, that is a large loss of $$$ being spent on the games.
Another quick point: many players who spend money make it to the 300 wall, and because scaling isn’t a thing, they have to progressively spend more and more money on the game, more and more revenue for PG. However, most of them do quit around the 300 wall, and PG looses revenue from that. They would also loose revenue from the reasons I stated above, and while scaling would make it so higher levels only have to spend the same as lower levels (less $$$), it would keep these players from quitting, a huge gain in revenue.
Both of these points in perspective prove that PG would do better to increase their revenue and introduce scaling rather than have mass boycotts and an exiting of players.
As always, these forums are open for discussion and I would love to see anyone critique my points, or show their own. Also, I would like to say this wonderful discussion about what exactly scaling should be as an end product should not end simply because I stated why PG cares about scaling, because if we win and this is implemented, we want it to be exactly what we want, right?


That whole 99% of building during fort events is true but is also another oddity of the game. Stockpiling eggs, timers, and whatever else for the event weeks is a weird dynamic. People go weeks without leveling up and then skyrocket in one event. Replacing breeding and fort events with something else and letting people breed/build at their own pace would be something to consider too.

Scaling chests would be better than doing nothing but it’s still just a band-aid on a system with a whole lot of flaws. Something that could address the 300 wall, obsolete towers, can’t work on towers without weakening defenses, cookie-cutter bases, event-driven building, lack of feeling of progression, etc., would be great.

Of course, it may be that so few people make it 300 and stick around compared to the overall population that it just doesn’t matter much. There’s probably some sweet spot of levels for PG where players are spending money and a bell curve around it where people are spending less either from being too low or too high. I know I am coasting now on money I spent 100 levels ago.


I’m not sure it would be. It would cause too many issues that would not be easily reversed. A fix is needed, but a proper one.


Where do we stand deadline-wise




Can we at least get a “Screw off Odin” if you’re not going to actually say anything?


Too bad we are almost in february and we dont have yet an answer from pg




With the new tier things will get worse and we still dont have an update , this was a matter that was about to be solved early this year


@DragonPunch @Crisis @Arelyna will we have any update on this now that jared will chill out