Going on Strike For Scaling


It would be great to get some feedback back PG!
Fortification arrives soon & let me say it ain‘t fun no more since being 300+… immense timers needed for only 1 upgrade & nowhere close getting another level on top…
There has to be some solutions to get the fun back to those important events guys!

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Wow they take a reeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyy long time off for Christmas break.



Keeping this thread alive



Why? PG actually fixed it. Give credit where credit is due.



Well, I think @Odin should be the one to say if this fulfilled his expectations



Is he still on strike?



Was he ever on strike?



I legit was going to ask similarly. Not sure if he explained what his strike entailed (i forget what all those posts said) but I’d bet it involved not spending and there is plenty of evidence to suggest if he was on strike he isn’t anymore.



The only thing I remember him saying was about deleting all his videos if PG didn’t reply to this thread.



I would say this is not true. I stopped spending for that very reason. The packs completely suck.

The ice and fire shards in fortification make that useless… and speaking of fort, what the hell am i supposed to do with 130k or 400k wood packs when my towers cost 2.5m ? they are completely useless.

the lack of pearls and embers is garbage, and the timers you get if you’re looking to build L70+ towers is a joke.

the lack of rune dust and quality runes in the silver chest is garbage.

everything is garbage now. when i was a lower level i was excited to get these prizes, not so much anymore.

no excitement = no spending, it’s very simple.

chest prizes should scale with your level. the tokens scale now with the balloon. they should do something similar for chests as well. spending $100 just doesn’t get you very far anymore.



excitement =/= spending

no excitement =/= no spending

Just saying. :wink:

But the idea of

excitement = higher chance of spending

no excitement = lower chance of spending

holds true. :+1:t2:

edit: typos.

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I agree, the value proposition just isn’t there



Not spending because I mostly get 60% discount packs. 1 Day I got 71 % I was tempted on. How do some people get 80% packs or even 90%. Because its not the same across the board I stopped purchasing, and even let me elite expire.



Isn’t the discount % based on the overall spend of the pack?
AKA higher cost the higher % off it is?

Not that discount means anything really when the included values of each item are so outta whack

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So very true.

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Same here, made a post awhile ago about not spending any money on the game until changes are made. That includes atlas elite and regular elite. If changes aren’t made by the time my elite runs out I probably won’t renew and just leave the game for good this time.



I’ve said that before too. xD

But in my case it was about a mess-up due to a bug that PG couldn’t fix right away.

It is not going to be fixed with the update sometime next week. -though it sounds like it’ll cost me diamonds.


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