Going on Strike For Scaling


Sorry :pray:
Still torn between passing through walls, or proper catch up mechanic…


I agree with intent of the gap shrinking, as do a lot of other players. However I do think that chests need to scale as you grow. It’s just that other items need to scale at a larger rate, other things that will assist more active players than spenders :slightly_smiling_face:


Speaking of the 300 wall which is in my sight…

Going from 199-200 xp to gain levels doubles? If this is true besides the 4x xp needed to level up after lvl300 is there any other jumps known ie after lvl400 or 500… anyone know? Also what about after lvl100 does it also double? Any info on why the x4 xp jump at 300?
To slow players down? Or make em spend, give them a chance to balance dragon power and base defensive power knowing most will over level their base cos the struggle for tokens is real?


Correction: just listen to Mech lol


It more than doubles around 200
And doubles to an exponential curve around 500


Only timers and egg tokens then… Oh, also premium rss.


Thank you! I knew I seen this info somewhere, so my question still stands why the x4 jump ?

40k -100k I kinda get, but 100k to 400k is crazy their must be more reason behind this? Could it have to with harbringer being hatchable? Any additional info be appreciated as it plays on me. With the 300 wall on my horizon be nice to justify climbing the wall over sitting next to it on wonder…



Here’s just an example of what I mean by scaling gold chests. After Mech showed the xp increase at level 200, I modified this a little to increase the drops a little past 200 like I did with past 300. Definitely open to changing this to make it better depending on feedback.

These changes realistically wouldn’t hurt people under level 100, but it would add some more value to gold chests for the people past level 300.

And I’m pushing for an scaling for egg tokens as well in a manner similar to this. Elemental embers could also be scaled as well.


the idea is great adn acceptable with these numbers, nice one odin


I would like to see the token chart and elemental shards as well maybe it is time to put pg in table and consider these ideas , the chart seems very balanced


Something to think about when talking 300 wall


Adapt maybe, i really dont think they should scale. The main items (timers specifically) should remain static regardless of level IMO. giving higher level players more will just make the gap expand, plus the lower level guys could use the boost to help them catch up if they are spending.

Now if the lesser items adapted based on inventory that would be something i would be in favor of.

Ie. Ice frags, fire frags, embers, healing potions, base boosts, dragon boosts, pearls and defense tools. All of those should maybe adapt as you grow based on inventory. IE. if you have 500k fire shards the chance of getting those should drop considerable. in contrast if you only have 100 healing potions that drop rate should increase. It could adapt as a sliding scale in the chest rotation. IE. if at say 500k fire shards and only 100 healing potions and a handful of embers, 90% of fire drops would be transformed into healing potion or ember drops. That would increase usefullness of gold chests without making the gap between whales and the rest larger. This would increase value without disturbing balance.


Then what’s the solution? I think scaling is really good it will help all the levels.


How does it help everyone at all levels? It would only force those lower levels to spend twice as much to catch up… it only helps the bigs stay big.


Notice in my example of the scaling, it’s not just the level 300s and whales getting an increase, it increases pretty much equally across the board. It shouldn’t really increase the gap between the smaller players and whales, just will allow everyone to spend less to get to higher levels.


No it doesn’t, only in comparison to what they get now. but use your example and put a new spender at say level 150 and compare that to a 350. Have them both spend 5K. Suddenly the level 150 will be even further behind the 350 in term of how much timers then need to catch up… thats an issue.


Level 300s also need a lot more speed ups to get anywhere in terms of levels, so the 150 doesn’t need as many speedups to get up in levels to get closer to the “whale”. Players who spending just a little or nothing at all, should not be at the same level as whales. They spend to be the top and more or less “deserved” it for the money they’ve spent. This scaling would just give everyone more speedups. It shouldn’t increase the gap, should stay roughly the same as it is now if anything…


you should look the ideas differently compared to now


Level in an arbitrary number.

no one doesn’t spend and is at the same level as the whales.

How are you looking at the “gap”, because to me the gap is the difference of experience gained between them. And giving someone with more experience more timers is essentially giving them more experience for the game amount of money.


Not saying they are. You made this comment which sounds like you’re saying that a level 150 should be able to catch up to the 350. If they both spend $5k, the 350 MIGHT be able to level to 390 with the current drops. The 150 could probably level to close to 300 depending how efficiently they use the rubies.

All I’m saying is that there needs to be some sort of reduction of money needed to get to these top tiers. It shouldn’t cost $1k per 5 towers from level 75-77. That’s just ridicoulous. I feel like this is the best option for PG to consider to fix this. But I’m definitly open to suggestions on how you would solve this.