Going on Strike For Scaling


No clue what you are trying to say here sorry.


Oh no, i definitely didn’t mean to imply that. the 350 already has what, about 50million more exp than the 150 (i didn’t calculate it). If they both buy say 5 packs ($500) they should both gain about the same amount of Exp IMO. So at about 1 level per pack at 300+ thats about 2m exp. Sure thats 20 levels to the 150 and only 5 levels for the 350, but the gap between them is actually still the same. I view gap as the actual amount of exp needed to catch up, not number of levels between them.


Would capping chest contents at a certain level give everyone something?

Like let’s say under level 100 the gold chest contents remains as is, and they increase between 100-200 level knowing as you grow you’ll need more timers, and then another grade of gold chest for 200-300 and 300-400 and so on… with each grade of gold chest it adds “x” % based on the contents of gold chest as the are, would 12.5+% work as and example, this may also promote players to level more knowing the grade of chest content levels with you.
And having a such wide range for 1 grade like 100 levels would that even the odds of every one wins relative to the the grade the are in…


Ah okay I see what you’re saying now.

So the main thing about that is the levels mean less and less as you level. Under level 300, level means a lot more than it does above level 300. Level 400 can have the same defense and maxed layouts as a level 600. And it slows down considerably as well. Sure the “experience” gap would increase…but how much value does that gap have past 300? Not that much…

These changes would allow the lower levels to also level up faster to get to the higher and higher drops of timers which would then allow them to get the same amount as the “whales”. If the increase in drops only was for people over 300, I think it’d be a problem for sure. But this is balanced imo.


pretty much. Timers are a players way of speeding up experience (through building) and if one player gets more exp than another based on level (which is what would happen if we scaled gold chest timer drops by level) then you are making the experience gap expand.


I don’t think that “con” outweighs the pro of helping players level and balance out the game a little more. But, what would your solution be?

I’ll check it out now.


@Odin you’re highly knowledge, did you miss the 300 wall post I made above? What’s your take?


My solution would be to fix it slowly and through a few steps. First and foremost would be to make experience continue to increased for the builds over level 40 (or at whatever level it is that it stops increasing). That would be first step.

After than I would adjust den requirements for it was most evenly distributed. Ie. Right now the amount of experience needed to go from Max mythic obsidian to a max mythic harbringer is 18.8m experience. But the difference between mythic harb and mythic vanguard is only 12m experience. That 50% is hurting most of us in the mid-low 300’s.


That would almost assuredly cause problems with the higher levels who have already spent the timers on those buildings and got the previous, low amount of xp. Changing something like that can cause problems…

Pulling a Red is basically referring to the 3-4 strikes Red has done to try and get changes made.


@mechengg I’m still fairly new… what’s pulling a Red mean?


Ya we would get a sudden level jump. it would be weird but wouldn’t cause any real harm. (it would have to be proactive)


red pulled down her breeding guides in protest a little while ago.


Wait you’re saying it would increase the levels of the players who already built those towers? Eh that would screw up players who have been trying to keep their base to be as strong as it can be for their level. I feel like this has too many possible negative repercussions…

It’s not a bad idea, but this could cause a lot problems with possible glitches too.


:joy: I’ll take this one if no one beats me. Its like if you’re highly valued at your job and you say you’re gonna quit if things don’t change type of scenario. She just did this recently so it’s a “pulling a red”. Edit: also we can’t forget that by saying said person is going to quit causes all the other workers to uproar as well in mass.


No it would make their level more accurately reflect their base’s power. For example 20 level 55 towers is about the same experience as 10 level 70’s. (i didn’t actually check my math for that example but you get my point lol) Why shouldn’t the guy with 10 level 70’s show as a higher level? his base is clearly MUCH harder to kill.


Okay so let’s say that takes care of the leveling problems, which I think if done properly and with a lot of thought could be done successfully, what about the elemental ember/egg tokens? What would your solution be for that?


What egg issue? and do you mean shortage of embers? I suggested adapting gold chest drops based on inventory above in this post which could help with that:


One of the big problem about scaling is not every one is in the same foot.

If they are scaling based on lvl, the p2w will spend less money to get where they want. If you want them to continue to spend as much you will have to increase the gap between p2w and others by adding more tier. The pyramid will be very narrow at the top. Even more then today.

This is the main problem when how deep you pocket is can make that difference.


Did increasing xp potions cause that problem…? Or food packs or lumber?


I’m not one of your devotees @Odin but I completely agree with you on this, both that we need to hear some concrete plans from PG regarding the 300 wall AND that scaling chests is the solution that seems to make the most sense and would be very easy to implement.

I’m sure that the GPF has been pushing PG to release plans for a solution and has been suggesting and discussing many possible solutions with PG, and I appreciate their work. However a public move like this will hopefully cause some quicker action (like Red’s did), so thank you for doing this. PG has all of the information it needs to implement a change, it is just dragging its feet as long as possible.