Going on Strike For Scaling


I’m not sure scaling food packs and exp potions can be fairly compared to scaling timer drops


Interesting 300 wall data in post 31 here. Odin still taking that look?


@Bambam27 You quote or reference yourself A LOT. Genuine question… is this some sort of daily quota you have to fill?


No, I’ve been called out on this a lot and the reason I normally do is because I’ve already answered or responded to the message I’m replying to, y’all repeat yourselves a lot, and instead of typing it all again I just quote the previous, as in its already up above here ya go. As you can see I have stopped quoting myself, something I see as easier to y’all because you don’t have to hunt for it and it’s right there, but instead let y’all know where it’s at.


Appreciate the sentiment, but I think it might be more meaningful if you had a proposition figured out. When I flipped my shit, there were a lot of proposals (including my extremely detailed one) that we’re being ignored.


You seek validation. You act like a child seeking validation from absolutely anybody who will give it to you.

And no, i’m not responding to your garbage that you tag me in on, and as for that you are being added to my ignore list so i don’t get notifications when you tag me in stuff.

If somebody has a good idea, then i will give them credit. When someone is actively seeking credit for an idea that makes very little sense then I will probably just call them out on it.

War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion

If this is the case then I would like to know so I can correct it. You are the main math person that I know of so things like this you are the best checker.

Edit: and I don’t need to respond to the rest of it as it’s inappropriate, but I surely ain’t asking for validation. I seen you as a respected member that understands math so when something gets in that realm I called on you to analyze.


I have proposed what I think should be changed and have an example listed earlier in the thread.


That it? ahh.


Yes that’s it…just an example of what I mean.

I’m sure it’s not up to your expectations of course :joy:


I was more thinking an actual detailed proposition, not just examples. If you’re going to make a stand, you need to have a box to stand on.


Couldn’t have said this better myself.

It’s important to scale the gold chests. The fact that they stopped doing it around player 280-290 or whatever it was is bad. At some point the level 50’s will grow to be 300+ and realize it’s even more impossible than ever to reach a milestone. (Oh wait, that’s already happening)

Edit: not sure if they even scale drops anymore. If they do, they don’t for this event. Maybe only minor events and maybe just xp potions and food and lumber packs.


IMO. the main issue here is the unbalanced gap exp/level, not timer/exp.

By simply scaling timer (per level), it will enlarge the gap between old and new players.

I think @MikeH8sDisGame has explained in well.


Scaling used to be done by PG in the past. And people exploited it. By buying and reselling to low level players. I am stuck at sapphire, forever. So scaling is irrelevant for me, since I am stuck and cannot level. I just enjoy flying for fun, now, instead.


Stopped? They never started. Nor should


I dream of a imperfect world where all scaling was divided by zero… catastrophic


Getting better RSS with the same time spending, that’s what this should be. From platinum the balloon gives the egg discount (decreasing), just use the same bastard to apply both a boost on gold boxes content and forge times reduction.

Why not giving some more levels to the forge for this very same purpose?

OR just encode the whole on a new way. If it’s so hard to do it, I would be happy to have the game shut for a few days to take a deep and serious look on these problems and fix them. Not updates, a big solving.


Umm. There are (or used to be) different gold chest drops depending on level. It’s been a thing since before I started playing. So yeah they started. And they stopped. Maybe you didn’t notice because you have been over the max for a while too? I checked my alt and in this event I get the same drops. I’m pretty sure food and lumber at the very least still drop 400k legendary on my main and far lesser numbers on my alts. (But those are not possible drops for this event and I don’t buy on my alts very often)

What were you talking about? I know you have been around long enough you should have known about this back in the day if they did stop


Any method of making 300+ progression easier would contribute to increasing the xp gap. Things should get scaled back a bit as end-game moves further away from lvl 300 imo.

That being said, I think actual cost scaling would be better than messing with chest drops.


The way I look at it is this…

The community has basically agreed on the value of the items in the chests by regularly purchasing the packs. Embers, timers, etc. it does not matter if you’re lvl 10 or lvl 500…

If a 5 year old kid walks into the grocery store and buys a can of soup, he will pay the same price as a full grown adult. Just because the adult may need 2-3x more soup than the 5 year old, doesn’t mean the adult should pay a discounted price… or get a bigger can of soup for the same price. The price is the price, and that’ll likely never change.

I hope we see some good come from your post Odin, but PG is running a business, after all.