Going on Strike For Scaling


Wanna bet the adult needs more and could get a bulk discount?


Except for deflating the existing inflation.

Or by scaling all the way to the very bottom (free) rather than adding cheaper purchases… and making sure base unit of progress is enough to feel like you aren’t standing still.

All adjustments of cost return to a supply and demand balance (eventually) which would be fine if it wasn’t for how spread apart the various tiers are from each other. If you collapse this so things are closer together everyone including spenders will be happier.

Imagine competition with others as a race. Let’s say a 1 mile sprint. (Using miles to stay consistent with speed measurement)… Everyone’s movement speed is between 0-10 miles/hour. You all start at the same starting line, but every time someone gets to the finish line instead of starting a new lap they extend the length of the race. Some are much slower than others, but generally you all have it within you to reach deeper and close the gap on the guy in front of you.

After a long while the 1 mile distance is now 1,000 miles. When you started the slowest person going say 3 miles/hour would reach the end after 20 minutes, and could double his speed and make it in 10 minutes. Now he would take just under 14 days to get to the end and is guaranteed to see the end move much farther before even getting close. Doubling the slowest persons speed now takes just under 7 days and since the finish line is moving out faster than he’s closing in the end, he’s actually falling behind.

So how do you fix this? In the race definition you probably start a new lap instead of making things farther apart. If they were farther apart you bring them closer together. OR you change the rate of moment. Give everyone bionic legs or a car to scale their movement speed to the new distance. What you do not do is give this car or bionic legs to everyone who can afford it (ignoring the free play)


YO YO YO what is up everybody


You must not go grocery shopping very often :joy::joy:


Or you have never bought anything in bulk.

I have totally bought the family pack at Costco before for 10 times the volume at half the price. (Per item)

The kid can buy that too, he just doesn’t need 10 times the volume and probably can’t afford to buy that’s volume all at once. (It May perish before he can use it all, or he may not have space to store it)

Side note: I can almost guarantee if you had a substantial amount of money you planned to spend on this game, like say you won the lottery and for some reason wanted to spend a million dollars, you could totally have your lawyer and accountant meet with PG and make a special arrangement/contract which bypassed the google or Apple store and got a screaming deal, and probably will get personal Christmas and birthday cards from then on top.

Of corse I know this doesn’t apply to anyone in this debate likely so we will ignore that because it’s not useful to us.


Are you purposely missing the points that people are making?

Mine was that fixing the 300 wall (and only the 300 wall) would further the gap whether its done by scaling chest drops up or scaling costs down.

Man’s was that no matter what age (lvl) you are in the real world, the same amount of money will buy you the same amount of product.


No I’m disagreeing (if you mean me)

I assume the 300 wall is all inclusive to all things impacting player level 300, buildings, dragons and the whole deal?

No you can totally increase player velocity or shrink distances and fix the issue until it’s inflated.

Gold chests can work for velocity as long as we fix the free to play availability which has a unique inflation not felt by anyone who spends. A tiered up velocity would totally offset the acceleration rate if done correctly.

And like i just said you can just shrink the inflation too. Make the distance between things smaller (hp/attack/xp/etc). (Which will punt the issue for several years until it gets out of control again)

He’s both technically right and wrong at the same time. I guess you missed my point.

While everyone can buy the same stuff at the same price assuming they have the same needs.

But the child in his example can’t actually buy at the same rate as the adult with a family because he neither consumes enough (would waste on bulk purchases) nor can afford the volume needed to obtain it in the volume needed for tbe discount.

Quite literally he buys it at a different price but is allowed to buy the same volume (bulk) if he has the money and the need to consume as much.


No, you are completely missing the point.

I was basically telling Mike that increasing Gold chests for higher level players isnt as bad as he thinks, because it would have a similar effect as simply lowering the costs of towers at 300+.

Did you only read the first sentence of my original post?


Are you only reading the first sentence of mine?

I was saying giving bigger stuff for gold chests based on player level would totally be okay and would help. And it already exists but stopped scaling at a lower level… (did you miss that? They also may have completely removed the scaling too, but it did exist)

Sounds like you are agreeing.

If I only quoted a single sentence I was only speaking on that part. It’s possible to be in agreement on a topic without agreeing on the specifics of how we got there.


:man_facepalming: Bulk discount for a single can of soup? Sure they could both go to Costco I suppose and buy a bigger package of soup (like buying a bigger sized pack) but the cost doesn’t change just because one person is bigger than the other. His analogy isn’t a bad one.


gold Drops have changed a bit over the years but they never scaled based on level. You are incorrect. The only thing that has/does scale is lumber and exp pack amounts. Never timers or egg tokens or the big stuff.


Those items are in gold chests and scale by level so gold chests do scale. However that stops at a rather low level.

That doesn’t make me wrong. My point was they already do that. Or did that. And for some reason haven’t updated the quantities in forever until the xp potions recently.

And nobody died because of a bigger player getting more for the same cost than a smaller player.


You are missing my point

The cost per can is cheaper.

Do you really think a level 300+ player has any need for a single 12 hour timers? No he wants bulk. The comparison isn’t off, it’s exactly true to this situation.

You have two who payed different prices (per item) and the difference is volume. And that’s only one example.

Sure if you limit it to a single item it’s the same.

I mean expecting the kid to pay the same price without the need for the same volume would just be silly.

The only real argument here is that you aren’t offering the smaller player the option of buying in mass, but it’s kind of splitting hairs since your level goes up and so to does your bulk discount. That is to say a small player is only small because he hasn’t purchased enough quantity to become bigger.


I think you all are deviating a lot from the topic :joy: that’s a discussion for:

Personally thank you @Odin for doing that. The course PG has taken asks for a reaction of a large magnitude to which the most players cannot contribute much. Just the more mediatic ones, like you who posts on YouTube, or big spending that fuels the “machine”. Or both.

I have to disagree here with Red, because I don’t believe you would need to develop much about the changes you seek. Pg knows it all. It is repeated daily to them. They just need some (re)action to all the crap


As a player who’s just benefited from the scaling enhancements through the lvl 200’s and who will shortly hit the 300 wall.

Surely the simplest way to break the 300 wall would be the succesfully tried and tested method used previously with lvl 41-55 towers, that of reduced the timer and resource requirement to level them. Simply reducing timers required for tower levels 55-65, would break the 300 wall.

I don’t really see the need to add new complication in the form of chest scaling, this would likely widen the gap between 300 and 600 rather than allow catch up mechanics. PG have already got a system that works to allow catch up mechanics (with timer cost reduction), let them stick to what they know how to reliably implement, I very much agree however it might be time for them to implement it on towers higher than 55.


No, just no. Buying in mass is buying larger packs (where you do get a larger discount). To use his soup analogy, A fat person (400+) still pays the same as the skinny person (150) when buying the same thing. Doesn’t matter if it is 1 can or a case.


Again no large player wants just 1 speedup. There is zero relevance in that analogy. Some people eat a lot and don’t get fat, some eat a little and get very fat. Leveling is exactly the same result for all bases, so you can actually infer quantity. Also PG holds exclusive rights to this store, you can’t go buy/get fat elsewhere

What matters is when considering all factors, what’s the best price you can get. Bulk purchase will get you better prices if you needed a lot. You don’t like that analogy (which fits) I’m sure I can find another.

They are getting bulk discount, like it or not. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t really make you right


Hey it wasn’t my analogy. I understand you want them to scale gold chests because you have a max base and think you are all important and shouldn’t need to keep spending what you have been. But just because you have spent a small fortune doesn’t mean you should get anymore or any less for the same amount of money as someone else. Giving you scaled up gold chests will only keep you that much further ahead for a cheaper cost. That is not good for the game.

I’m all for making gold chest better. But I do not think you should get better gold chests just because you are already further ahead than others.


You are just so wrong here. It’s a possible solution that aside from some people’s perspective on fairness would actually solve an issue. I’m not really pushing for it. But your argument against it is flawed. And it really bugs me that they already do scale xp potions and food packs and lumber packs and whatever else but decided to stop arbitrarily…

Not even sure where you get this from. I haven’t spent what I consider a small fortune. I think people who spend for stuff later should spend less than someone who bought it bleeding edge. But that’s not what we are talking about.

I honestly am beginning to think you don’t understand a few mechanics in this game.

You do know they use exponential increases in difficulty and then give you linear increase in tools, and the two together result in a mostly linear effort when you operate within the same tier.


The difference between say a 200 and your account shouldn’t be measured by level. It should be measured by difference of experience. Did you read what I wrote when discussing this with Odin further up? There is a very good reason they didn’t do it for timers as well.