Going on Strike For Scaling


I’m not discounting what the GPF does for the game, just have to understand the point of view of a normal player who sees the same problems occurring with or without the GPF. I’m sure you guys stop a lot of bad updates or changes from coming into the game…but we don’t see that. We just see the same problems over and over. :man_shrugging:

Yeah they say a lot of stuff :joy: of which a good majority doesn’t happen.

Fair enough, I can wait for that. Understand the timing is not ideal.


But didn’t you just want a statement from them? Again, I like the idea. I do.


Because three years wasn’t enough time.


I agree all the work to stay in a top teir besides event rewards the chest payouts should be more the higher the level of a individual player


A bit confused by this statement, have you found a way to be demoted from the top tier? Once in the top tier not opening the game is sufficient effort to stay there.

This game, like all games, needs a wall to make it very hard to progress at the very top, to allow catchup. The reason for this is very simple, there is always going to be a turnover of players, if there is no catch-up mechanic then new players will not stay, and the game will die.

What is missing it would appear is a simple and effective way to move the wall when new tiers come out. Chest scaling, unless I have misunderstood, would be the reverse of a catch up mechanic, and hence would kill the game.


It would appear you imposed a % decrease on my suggestion to adjust the timer cost of towers in the 55-65 level, and than said that % was not enough :man_shrugging:.

Please redo your maths with a 99% reduction in timers, you may now ligitamately criticise me for suggesting a reduction that is too much.

Personally I prefer the specifics of any % reduction to be left to someone who has studied the ramifications in greater detail than either you or I have currently.


No. I didn’t read your posts. My graphs are based on XP per base level, not timer costs. I’m not sure I criticized you in the first place. And what I did was show what a curved XP could look like - nothing more.


Must have misunderstood what this meant then I guess? Maybe best to read before quoting me and commenting on that quote?


I’m behind you 100% Odin things need to change players can’t get anywhere with out spending now even doing 1 dragon per season is going to be a struggle you need so many sisgils now. And it’s going to get worse as they bring new tires out along with higher towers levels so resources are going to be harder to get as well things like elemental embers need to be more common event prizes need to be improved egg tokens need uping normal players can not compete I know players that are spending like £1000 a month that not realistic for normal people.

For an everyday players like myself that is never going to happen. Only thing I can get is elite account!! But every event is geared towards spending if you don’t then your not going to get anywhere in them spending should be an option for fast tracking your way to better stuff not the only way as is now!!

I log in and play this game everyday and before the trolls all start saying your not playing the game right get a life I know exactly how to play the game. The problem is it is designed in such a way that you have to spend and that wrong!

Hope you get somwere with this Odin respect to you young man for making a stand :fist:


I haven’t spent a dime on this game for,like thirty minutes, except for elite, and I don’t have any problems.


Yeah I would like a statement specifically about this issue. Not the generalized " we are working on stuff for 2019" which can be interpreted different ways and doesn’t really outline changes specifically. There’s a difference in my opinion.


I hope that once they finalize the design basis’ for the player change initiatives that they share it with the masses.

“Hey guys, we have discussed XXXXX and are working on finalizing the UI and rewards, just to let you know it will be out sometime late Q2 2019”. Something like that would be nice as things get finalized


Did PG acknowledge this post yet? All Odin is asking for is a proper response by PG, not that much to ask.


Yes, and the poor timing was stated


That’s all you will ever get is a vague comment not saying one way or the other. On whether they are going to do anything it stinks I’ll be watching this thread closely hoping it gets a response us as players deserve it :fist:


Do,you really want another statement? Haven’t there been a number of statements already?


Lol I’d prefer PG just stoppped making statement. That way everyone would finally actually quit and force PG to do
Something. Unfortunately too
Many people believe them when they say “they are looking into it”


Rather than scaling chest drops based on player level scale them based on top tier costs. Then it doesn’t mess with anything in the past. It combines your catchup mech with fixing 300+ wall. New tier costs 20% more chests now drop 20% more timers and resources. Sure if the game lives long enough eventually you’ll get to the point where 10 gold chests are enough timers or tokens to cover the first 100 player levels and red through gold. By that point they will be so far from endgame who cares. Free to play still benefit as you get golds in lines and events. Spenders still benefit as now the chests and rubies from a $100 pack give x% of top tier. It doesn’t devalue stuff for someone who has gone through tiers in the past. No one gets the stuff for less resources. Resources just become easier to get every time something more expensive is released. New players progress faster but their progress still slows as they approach endgame. Existing players will settle into a tier at or x number of tiers below endgame based on activity and spending level.


this makes more sense


After playing clash of clans for a couple years, I’ve never seen this lvl scaling as huge as a problem as it is in war dragons. The main difference I see is building caps. Idk if that can be introduced here vs scaling by level, but imagine no building ever exceeding 2 weeks build time (or whatever amount of time they come up with). Xp and res can still climb, but build time has a max amount at a certain level. Again I’m not sure how that can be introduced with a game with such large build times/ egg times for linage drags but if there was a cap or max time on them it would certainly help in my opinion.

***Another scaling option would be to upgrade the port where the new daily pay out is. Mine says lvl 1 so maybe they are already in the process but make it a 3 second build like the den, and have caps with lumber so it can be upgraded along with level progression on your storage.
So let’s say a lvl 1 port on day 1 of this new daily payout gives what 20 gems or whatever low amount it is now. Then lvl 2 port would get 22 gems, or 21 idc. By the time you are lvl 300 with a lvl 60 port you are collecting 300 gems. (No math involved just random numbers for rough ideas) but every daily login reward would scale this same way with times, gems, elemental embers ect. I feel this would be a very reasonable and practical approach to help scaling but who know, still interested in seeing their 2019 road map