Going on Strike For Scaling


That’s the point it’s already costing to much to play paying should be a way of fast tracking your way to the better stuff not the only way! normal players that have bills houses kids and mortgages to pay for can’t the sigil cost is getting higher and higher to even finish one branch. Every event is designed to get you to spend and that needs addressing scaling would help in a way that you would get more stuff as you grow to keep you in the running. As you level up you should get more egg tokens timers sisgils shards and embers from chests timers take far to long to make in forge as well


You’re right. I got confused with the same thing being discussed in two threads. My bad.

Edit: And some elaboration.

Again, what I posted in the graphs I made was very simple napkin math for smoothing player base XP progression, and it was not intended to be taken by PG as the model to adopt. I’m pretty sure I said it would need to be matched by someone better at that than I am.

@FlamingFool’s proposal is about reducing tower upgrade costs. Mine is about un-fucking the progression growth curve because it doesn’t make any damned sense.

But regardless of which method PG might choose to implement, it will be half a step in the right direction, and nowhere near satisfying to anyone.


Only thing is that the most I see PG doing with that is 300 rubies per click. So let’s say it’s that amount. 4k/300 14 or so clicks which is 2 weeks for one set of 10 gold chests. 10 gold chests (IF you are extremely lucky) might give you enough timers for one tower… unlikely tho. So really don’t know how much this would help the issue.


Even if you get 3 leg drops of 12hrs (7.5 days * 3 = 22.5 days) and 7 epic drops of 12 hours (2 days * 7 = 14) you will only get 36.5 days of timers :eyes: I mean I have never seen this drop pattern on Orcas list ever before and doubt will ever :grin: so yeah it isn’t possible to get enough timers with just 10 drops.

On topic - I understand that every one wants some sort of scaling to address the 300 wall, but non has yet come to a detailed plan/method (That majority of the player base agrees with) on how this can actually be addressed. Isn’t it a bit much to expect PG to do something so soon without really not knowing what we want ourselves in the first place ? :thinking: :man_shrugging:

No, I am not saying it shouldn’t be addressed or PG shouldn’t do anything about it, They definitely should address it and they do need to do it ASAP. But wouldn’t it be better or more reasonable even to first give them something that we expect, in a detailed plan that every ones happy with, Just so they atleast have an Idea of the player expectations :eyes:


I believe the community agreed at least about scaling the xp given by towers. That would improve already a lot


I can’t find the comment, but some one pointed out in one of the many threads regarding this - When you scale Xp given by towers, it will also have to be adapted for all the built towers in game, that would mean current players at lvl 500+ will auto get pushed to 1000+ level easily.

Wasn’t there a discussion just a while back on how people thought that players at 387 with maxed vanguard able to solo base that are 600+ is completely absurd :eyes: now imagine them soloing a 1000+ base and the uproar that comes with it :grin:


Yea, some uproar :joy:

I’ve seen on multiple posts that once on 300 the xp required per level multiplies by 4. That kind of mechanism is ok to exist, but after the last level needed to expert your leg or mythic vanguard


It would need to be one hell of an Exp jump to make a 600 go up 400 Levels :joy:


Think we can ask Harv…


Haha true. But either way I don’t see the issue with a level jump. Den caps would need to be revisited but other than that it won’t matter much.


Not even the case. As the 150 progresses he will be getting more from the chests as his level increases. What you’re saying is the 150 opens 5k worth of chests all at the same time which is ridiculous. By the end of the the 150 is close to getting exactly what the 350 is going to get. The 350 may get more total because he already spent to get there. Scaling Odin proposed is definitely reasonable


Sorry Mike. That’s the quote I should have used. If the 300 wall is an issue then the timers are a reasonable answer. I hit 300 just after they implemented the 4X jump so it’s all I’ve known. I wouldn’t expect them to decrease the xp needed per level as it would become a bigger forum issue with all the people that have pushed through it.


Simple math.
e.g. Lv 100 and lv 110.

After scaling, Lv 100 spent 10k rubies to get 90k exp, while lv 110 gets 100k exp from 10k rubies.
With same ruby spending, the exp gap between both of them will be more and more, as they progress.


That math just emphasizes my point. The 150 is going to get more and more exp as he progresses and the 350 is stagnant. To me that would be catching up🤷🏻‍♂️


Ok but using the corrected quote, what’s wrong with what I said? Orca just illustrated my point as well. Where are we wrong?


Why would the 150 get more exp? Exp vs timers is fairly consistent through all levels. I guess lower level guys get a bit more now that they adjusted build times a bit. But not significantly.


Seems that you have different perspective of catching up.

With a little more, one should’ve been able to caught up even if it takes a long time.
With proposed scaling, the lower level will never be able to caught up with just a little more.

I think @DocHoIIiday’s solution (smoothing exp growth) works better than just scaling timer based on level (though it’s on different topic)


Can you explain this further? What is catching up to you? How is the 150 getting more and more while the 350 is stagnant?


I was just saying the 350 is not getting any increase in xp and the 150 gets an increase every time he/she passes another threshold for timer scaling. The 350 gets more total but has spent to get to that level. Giving them both the same amount of xp would only make everyone around the same level eventually since the xp from 1-300 is the same as 300-330.


So for the same amount of money you think higher level players should gain more exp purely because they are a higher level? If a higher level spender grows faster than a lower level spender then the lower level player would actually be falling further behind (if spending same amount of money, weather it is $100 or $10000). That’s soooo wrong.