Going on Strike For Scaling


Ok. We just have to agree to disagree. The lower level is going to catch up to the higher level faster if everyone gets the same. I personally don’t want every new player being able to catch up to me just by spending. After they hit 300 we would both be getting the same xp and they would have to spend a little more to catch up. Long term players shouldn’t be penalized for playing longer by having the new players having an easy catchup mechanic called credit cards is all I’m saying.


No they won’t though. If everyone gets the same
They will grow at the same pace. Take a 350 and a 300. If both don’t spend and play similarly on similar teams, they will pretty well always be The same amount of exp apart. If you suddenly
Scale gold chests, the 350 would suddenly grow faster.


Say, I used rubies for the example. That means both can be f2p.
So, lower level f2p should never caught up the higher one using more effort?

Not a relevant reason I guess.


If they get the same the 150 gets to 300 much faster then the 350 gets to 370. At that point they are both getting the same. F2P works the same. That way rubies is a consistent currency


Have you ever stop, look from the perspective of the lower level ones, and think?


Ok but to a 370 a 300 and a 150 are the same, easy targets. Don’t focus on level so much, consider exp differences, that’s a more accurate indication of how far apart two accounts are in terms of timers needed to catch up. For the record my accounts are over 330, I am not arguing this from a “this will Benefit me” perspective, I would likely benefit from
Gold chest Scaling. I honestly think gold
Chest scaling would hurt the game.


For PG, I just don’t think they’ll go for giving the new player the same amount as a veteran. There has to be a reasonable compromise for them to still get revenue and make most players happy. They probably aren’t going to change the xp/level no matter how many forum posts there are about the 300 wall so changing drops is a solution. I think the gold chest drops are ridiculous right now with the amount of timers,embers,etc relative to what we actually need and change is needed sooner rather than later. Give it a few few months and see what happens. If it isn’t working, tweak it after some actual data is obtained.


You don’t think they will give New Players the same as the veterans? They do exactly that now. And I don’t think changing drops is a solution (based on level), it’s just another problem, that’s my point.

As stated before, level is arbitrary, it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow one gains levels. The real cause of the “300 wall” is the 50% increase in building time required to max Harbs compared to Obsidians. That sudden jump in required player level level messed up everyone in the low 300’s, and that’s what they are really complaining about. So that needs to be addressed. And it can be addressed a few ways. The easiest would be to simply lower level requirements for den upgrades. Another aid would be to increase exp gained per build (especially with high level towers). Messing with gold chests messes with too much and will have adverse effects.


I agree and what they give isn’t even good for the new players let alone a 400+. But the proposal gives everyone a lot more. Something needs to be done now. I just go with what the game gives me at any given point. PG has to do something to make me actually want to spend again. The daily packs are a joke so that obviously isn’t the long term solution.


I honestly don’t think people arnt spending because packs sucks, they arnt spending because the game sucks, or is being run is a sucky manner anyways.

Sure boosting packs Might help. But It’s the last way I would Want them to fix the game. And here is why: (this time I am Being selfish), if they suddenly boost packs it undermines every pack I bought in the past, it lessons the small advantage I have from my spending I once did. Don’t change the packs, fix the game.


Ok. Agree :100:


I agree, but I would throw in the addition it’s because our money doesn’t do anything anymore. The answer isn’t to make packs better, it’s to fix everything else in the game.


This isn’t statistics or anything, but this is just some comments on that video. I didn’t even ask who quit so I’m sure there’s even more who didn’t comment. But I can’t help but be sad to see how many players are quitting now. It just seems to be more and more…if this stuff isn’t fixed I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this game




Lets hope for something after the holidays :v:


Just an FYI but this guy isnt spending money anymore because he got banned back at the start of October. He then got kicked from the FB groups for going on a racist tantrum about it


Just freaking scale timers and tower xp. Close the game and fix everything so we can have something good when we come back. Hire new engineers if the current can’t really handle it. If it’s too much a hassle sell the game :triumph:


Lol some of those replies are gold


It’s the relative value of the pack, IMO. The packs simply don’t hold the same value for a 300+ than they do for a 150. If PGs goal is to make money, the price of the pack should reflect the value.


Ok but why does that mean the packs need to be different?