Going out of town vs Account Sharing

So I’ve traveled before and never had a problem. But it seems like people post frequently about getting banned after logging in from a different locale. I am sure there is more to the story than that, but is there a way for pg to tell if you’re traveling rather than account sharing?


:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: I am traveling abroad next week. Never thought about that…

East coast tomorrow, west coast Friday

But like I said, traveled before to the EU, the Caribbean, east coast, west coast, south, played on the plane, never had an issue

I’ve played in Aust, then played on a plane, then played in the USA. All within 14hrs. So yeah don’t think it’s anything to do with travel.


I believe it’s about timing, for example: you log in (for reference) in Times Square, New York at a set time, and you log in (for reference) in Tokyo only a few minutes later. If it’s a believable time differential, there should be no issues. I can speak from experience when it comes to traveling and taking the game with me, nothing has happened.

It was said before, location /ip address is one of the methods to detect account sharing, but not the only one. Pgjared said before that they don’t ban based solely on those parameters

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Here’s what made me nervous: Account Ban Without Reasoning

I may not have the best answer here, but I’ll tag @Arelyna in here in case I say anything incorrect. :wink:

Traveling and playing Dragons should not be a problem. It’s very understandable to travel at points in time and your session data will pop up in various geological locations. It becomes suspicious and much more plausible that a player is account sharing in an example like this:

  • Player A is account sharing. They login to the game in New York for an hour, then log off.
  • Player B is sharing the account. They login 5 minutes after Player A logs off from Singapore to play for 2 hours.
  • 1 hour later, Player A logs in from New York and plays for another hour.

Here, we can very clearly see that there is account sharing occurring due to the extremely short time between logging in from halfway across the world. This is definitely one of the suspicions that would flag our system. Traveling a reasonable amount of time and popping up in a different location afterwards will not be nearly as suspicious.

If y’all can develop lightspeed time travel or happen to have a time turner on-hand…just let us know…


And the reason for not soing soly by IP is because if you use VPN it would look like what Crisis is saying. But doesn’t happens. Do a forum search and you will see pgjared answer


I can do that, using a VPN. But I also have used a VPN and played and no issues. So unless y’all got some new tech, this ain’t the reason for those bans.


Well, a flag in a system isn’t an auto ban, it’s just cause to be on the lookout for potential clues. (Don’t know what they would be since I’m not tech savvy). I’ll take my blissful ignorance on that topic.


Do a d##n search :rofl:

Yeah, searched for travel and out of town as it related to bans, didn’t think about account sharing parameters

Oooh, true. VPNs do come into consideration. Like I said, I may not have all the info! :smile:

Regardless, my hope was to ease any anxiety about traveling and playing, which should not be a problem at all. :slight_smile:


I’m 99% sure my account issue wasn’t from travelling. That’s just when I noticed. Last summer I played in the airport in NYC, when I landed in Ireland, then in France, then in UK, then in US without issues.

Travelling shouldn’t be an issue for you!

Ive travelled from aus to swiss before, never had any problems but i mailed support saying that ill be travelling just so they know and i have evidence :grin::grin::grin:

I would expect a situation that is obvious is where a game I slogged in from one local on one device and another local using a different device and that it is consistent like that. While many of us using more than one device to play our games we tend to travel with them because they are mobile.

However, I expect PG will not divulge what they actually look at since people can find ways to work around things. Many ways to spoof the man in the machine.

Aren’t Austria and Switzerland in the same time zone even?


Pretty sure most of the people (recently) claiming they were banned due to going out of town are not correct in their reason for banning.

I’m aware of a few people from the past who said pg told them they were banned for such a reason and all of those folks happened a while ago as well as were unbanned. (Potentially back when pg was getting their system calibrated still)

I can tell you that I’ve run my account for multiple countries without issues. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

If you use a vpn which changes your country of origin, you might want to tread carefully. Even there, I suspect you have more tolerance than you might expect. But it’s not like pg can tell you the parameters of their system without making it easier to bypass it.