Gold 2 Primarchs



Why are we adding a new Tier?

We want activity in Atlas to be rewarding. Many active Atlas players have max-ed out some of their Gold 1 Primarchs, so many Primarchs are slowly accumulating additional glory. We see introducing Gold 2 as an opportunity to continue to reward player activity and glory gain. Those who are active in Atlas will be able to evolve their Primarchs to higher stats with Gold 2.

What are the Gold Primarch Stats?

Making the total Gold 2 (up from Gold 1) stat increases out to:

  • Destroyers: 7% increase to Attack, 7% increase to Defense
  • Trappers: 30% increase to Attack, 5% increase to Defense
  • Taunters: 10% increase to Attack, 10% increase to Defense
  • Siegers: 5% increase to Attack, 50% increase to Defense

What are the other differences between Gold 2 and Gold 1 primarchs?

Note that Escort Capacity has some increases across the board.

Trap duration has also been increased from 20 mins to 30 mins at max level for Gold 2 Trappers.

Finally, we’re planning on upping the Max Troops Killed from 15k to 20k for all Gold 2 primarchs and applicable at all levels 1-30.

What is the release schedule?

We will go live with Gold 2 Primarchs with the Atlas Unearthed Season on June 23, 2022.

What constraints will Gold Tier Primarchs have?

As with Gold 1, the new Gold 2 tier will only be summonable if the player’s Team owns a Castle.

What happens if my Team loses all Castles?

If a player’s Team loses all of their Castles, all Gold-tier Primarchs will be unsummoned and Troops on them will be returned to Barracks. The Primarch summoning UI will also disable and hide the Summon button.

Any changes to lower Primarch Tiers?

Yes – the Bronze 2 and Silver Tier Primarchs will have their Research and Training costs lowered. This will make it slightly easier for newer players to close some of the gap with existing high-end players while still preserving plenty of advantages for those long-time players.


Glad we can kill more troops x hit now :firecracker:


All very nice if it weren’t that ( if you don’t spend and therefore you don’t have diamonds to throw away ) it’s very long to raise 30 levels at each primarch.

Perhaps it would have been interesting to decrease the amount of levels needed to max them. :eyes:


I still say at LEAST eliminate the timers to speed them up. Getting glory on them and paying gold should be plenty.


They are supposed to be a premium hitting force in atlas so I highly doubt they will cut the time for expediting the top strongest primes . I would love to have all maxed very quick but I’m highly doubting this


Sorry, didn’t explain well enough.

I agree with you-- I don’t have a problem with the current tier having timer costs. So, Gold IIs, that’s fine! But, as a catch-up mechanic, much like towers and breeding, allow the others to have either significantly reduced time or no time.

The way I see it now, everyone who rushes and spends or has fantastic castle bonuses gets to now kill more troops of those who are not as far along. So, in essence, that further displaces them. I could get down with it if Gold II could kill Gold II at 20k. But, I don’t know that I particularly like this ability on a mixed playing field.

That’s the catch :smiling_imp:


We used to not like this lol


The point is that I objectively have an exaggerated activity, I take the top prize at every event in the game and I only have two max gold 1 despite having enough glory on them to complete all Gold 2 levels if I could :joy:

If you don’t have the chance to spend a lot of diamonds to speed them up it’s really very long process to complete them all and this doesn’t praise the activity at all but maybe more money :eyes:

They could eliminate the time it takes to level them up and greatly increase the glory needed instead, this could be a good solution. Like dragons that only require food and xp, the primarchs could only require gold and glory! @PGCarlos


Another wonderful update that will only support that one ta.


Will this also apply to guard hits or just to prims?

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I have enough to get maxed but all my diamond go to chests for bullhorns and all my timers go to towers. Just can’t keep up man.


Can we just not and bump this until later? I don’t relish the idea of hitting silver prims with G2 prims.

I’m max G1 on 3 of my prims I use the most and a good chunk underway on the last one I do not use as much. I’ll have immediate access to G2 and I DO NOT want it.

It’s not really sporting and is mostly beneficial to one alliance



Seconded. It would do a lot more for activity, the stated goal.


Wonder what this will do for recruiting in Diamond… If I was interested in moving up and only had S2 prims I’d rethink taking the leap.

I’ve been in a position for next tier prims for a season and a half, but I personally think that we do not need the most active of us to be more active, we need the middle to want to be more active… I just don’t see this doing that.


Yes all hits

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@pgcarlos just a thought here but maybe you should make Gold2 prims only available to be used in the New Lands! This way it encourages those with that activity level to explore the new lands and also prevents teams from sandbagging back to platinum to dominate with gold 2 Primarchs.


Wow… glad to see PG absolutely ignores everything we say. Another completely unnecessary move that no one asked for or wanted just to drain us of our resources and force people to buy more atlas elite.

Who is this rewarding? Literally all it does is move the finish line and expand the gap even greater for literally no benefit to us. Once people have G2 primes we’ll be back to exactly where we were when S2 and then G1 primes were the max. If the reward is higher max kills then that easily could have been added to the already existing G1 primes

I burnt though pretty much all of my gold packs and diamond stash leveling those stupid G1 primes and literally nothing changed.

Why does it matter if they are accumulating glory? It doesn’t do anything to those primes so who cares. How is adding another rss sink rewarding anyone for being active? We dont have the prime training event anymore so there is no reward for anyone to get other than getting to meet back up at the finish line again after a very expensive run down the track.

So many problems in atlas and this is what you guys decide to do. smh


Can you elaborate more please?