Gold 2 Primarchs

The 20k troop kill or loss only happens if both players are using G2 prims. So for those who can’t summon them the 15k limit still applies.

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Too early for G2.
Like in real life, the average should count. And most of players still struggling to lvl up primes (lot of glory, gold, timers).
So, for the fun and fair of the game, at least 50% should be almost at the same max lvl for primes

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Seeing G2 will have the ability to kill 20k troops then some things need to change.

Increase troop building level
Decrease troop build time
This goes for glory event and outside glory event
Hospital level needs to go up

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They need to leave the game alone and make g2 primes just be worthless hot garbage!
Lower this 20k kill count instead.

The change you see that needs to happen will basically counter any advantage the prime might add making acquisition of them even more pointless!

I’d rather them be a d@m paperweight that spenders pay top dollar for and devalue our spending here than see them further imbalance and escalate the game into unplayability!

Better yet just remove them as they were not needed……

isn’t that good thing when f2p/lower level players leave the game they will get the free dead bases im sure guards too lol

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Hello! has there been an update for the troop hospital or info about G2 leveling requirements? @PGCarlos @PGAlgodon


Can we start a petition not to release Gold2?


You can, there’s just no way PG listens to it lol


Im glad G2 prims will solve the ever annoying 2k snipes for hours on end… :blush:

They won’t


Yes i was being sarcastic haha

The meta right now is like >5k troop attack prims non stop.

Rather then helping fix the meta to change it to relive burden of play, they add shit like more prim levels

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Fine! I’ll do swap glory for my trapper

Oh no don’t mention that here that just causes entitled people to pick on you for just literally saying that.

Ah —- I see

My sarcasm detector is obviously broken :joy:


Is this still true?

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Seemed more like 20% from what I heard from teammates. 13m gold instead of 16m for one level

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So, may as well not be anything then. :roll_eyes:

Once again, PG is screwing us dividing the gap between the have and no have even bigger :clap::clap::clap:


Grazie :grin:
Per caso si sanno già i costi per livellarli, sia in termini di xp, oro e ore?