Gold 2 Primarchs

Oh no don’t mention that here that just causes entitled people to pick on you for just literally saying that.

Ah —- I see

My sarcasm detector is obviously broken :joy:


Is this still true?

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Seemed more like 20% from what I heard from teammates. 13m gold instead of 16m for one level

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So, may as well not be anything then. :roll_eyes:

Once again, PG is screwing us dividing the gap between the have and no have even bigger :clap::clap::clap:


Grazie :grin:
Per caso si sanno già i costi per livellarli, sia in termini di xp, oro e ore?

The Gold2 prims are not working as they should…

They are not able to kill 20k troops, but they still able to kill 15k troops like the Gold1…

@PGCarlos @PGAlgodon

They kill 20k troops off G2 and guards - tested and working as intended

They will still kill 15k off G1 cause G1 losses 15k on hit .

There is no bug here all is working as intended


Thanks :grin:
I’m very disappointed with this …

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I see PG listened sympathetically to our concerns about the timer/diamond cost of upgrading the Gold2 prims. Level 1 to 2 costs 19d5h, compared to 14d14h for Gold1 level 1 to 2. I wonder if the timer costs would’ve been lower if we hadn’t complained?

This Gold2 is already very tragic
Why do you have to specially make such a big poster to make everything so gloomy :pensive:


The stagnation is way more depressing than posters. The fact that these things were released just shows they aren’t even concerned about player burnout, abusive behaviors, and the destruction of atlas be degrading it’s mechanics as well as the players.

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:cold_face: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


@PGAlgodon could we please get the updated formula for revive pools per level please pretty please :pray:
I ve asked support but they dont know either.

Do you already know the costs to level the G2 primarchs, in terms of xp, gold and hours?
Thanks :blush:

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It seems to be 500 per level, up from 300 per level.

Someone who has used diamonds to upgrade could post something. Here is a template if anyone wants to post numbers and I will add. It would be useful to know when to stop stacking glory on each prim type.

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