Gold 2 Team looking (we have Atlas)


LFM – Gold 2JawsOfDragons – Level 30+ with high activity.


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: Optional
Dragon Roster Includes: Not specified
Highest Lineage Dragon: Not specified


We are a tight knit and helpful family. We want to grow together and make a better team; as such, highly active members are welcome even if they are under the 80+ level requirement for our official application. If you are under level 80 no need to worry, I myself am sub 40. Participation is more important, as long as you are out there fighting poachers on Atlas and showing up to wars and doing your best in events you are welcome. If you don’t know what Atlas is, don’t worry, we’re happy to teach you!

If you are a highly active player looking for Atlas castles to rest at and call home, and a helpful team to help you grow, come join our family!

Message me if you want to join!


Lvl 59 but very active. If i qualify let me know. Looking for an active team. Mine died


Active members are what we’re looking for, Atlas experience preferred but we’re happy to teach you. If you want to join I can have an invite sent out tonight.



We are still recruiting, anyone 30+ who is active and eager to move up and improve is welcome to join!


My team is disbanding and I am looking for a new, active team. I’m level 61 right now and would love access to atlas. I’m not a team jumper and am looking for somewhere permanent. Let me know.


I’m coming back to the game after a season of not playing, ~lvl 40 account was very active or off the charts before I stopped playing, will definatly get back to that kind of activity, been in plat team and the other plat it merged into, cause of how active I was and how I was almost alt level aof power per level. Is that good enough to be able to join?


Thanks for posting, you definitely have the activity level we’re looking for. I’ll have an invite sent to you tonight.


Its still nice


Still need about 6 members. Come join a great team!


I’m only level 26 but I’m interested in joining a guild with Atlas. I play every day and am hoping to hit level 30 by the end of the fortification event.


@atherial42 invite sent


Is atlas the type of thing you really want to admit to having? I don’t even think there’s medication for it. Prayers be with you :pray:.


@Ragnar you’re adorable :heart:


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