Gold 2- xxArchAngelsxx - LFM- Casually Active- No level requirements

Looking for Members Title

LFM – Gold 2xxArchAngelsxxNone


Language: English
Time Zone:NA
Played time:NA
Age Range: NA
Elite Account?: Nope
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon:NA

Gold 2 team, moderately active and actively trying to change that. We secure Top 10 position in each event . Highest level player’s are only level 100+ (PSA).

We prefer active players regardless of levels, and happy to help you grow.
We just expect 3/5 participation during daily quests in event’s. Its a good place for casual but consistent players.
Feel free to apply and most important :- have a nice day.


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Typos on the post? Or typos when they formed the team?

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Typo on the post, my bad

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