Gold Amount in Matchmaking

Any update on this? @PGDave @pgEcho

Still in the future work category, I’m afraid, while we tackle more critical issues (new player experience, team buffs, upkeep / land ownership, flying primarchs, etc. as well as stability & bug fixes … speaking of which we finally figured out what’s going on with the 99% Atlas victories and are testing the fix!).


You realize this directly impacts new player experience, right?

I would say the toughest part of Atlas is its so monotonous because you have to mine from the most boring Fucking base ever, the invader base. It’s simply not fun. Being able to have some idea of who to hit for gold would make Atlas significantly better.


I originally posted outside of Atlas, since I didn’t have access, but PGDave was cool enough to hook me up. :+1:

Most teams do not control enough land to give every player his or her own bank. I know this is a strategy for some high level teams, but it is simply not an option for most mortals in the game.

Yes, gold is really boring to acquire, and very easy to lose. We should address both problems in a way that benefits everyone, not just those who can tuck away gold where it cannot be reached by other players.

I know a common strategy when trying to get a lot of gold at once, say to upgrade a primarch, includes dumping most of your lumber and food so that you are a less appealing target.

If gold is visible in matchmaking, then protection needs to be implemented to balance this visibility.

Dave asked me what I would consider an appropriate level of protection. I don’t think a straight percentage is as beneficial as it is for food and lumber, since even at relatively low levels in Atlas, things cost a significant portion of what gold you can hold. I am working on a sliding scale that provides reasonable protection but also allows for players to gather gold in less monotonous ways. The other thing to consider is there is no gold mine. Well, there is, but you have to attack it. You’re workers are not constantly generating some of you are playing or not. Thus makes gold even more “precious” than other stealable resources, since it requires actual play to acquire. I will post here when I am satisfied it is polished enough to present for critique.


Here are some numbers I have been kicking around, after playing with different ways of looking at food and lumber protection. Percent increases didn’t work - - you end up with more protection than you do storage. And a flat percentage just doesn’t feel right at 10%, since gold is not constantly being generated. So, I took the percent of protection for food/lumber and multiplied it by the previous+current storage amount for gold to arrive at the numbers. It works out a to a little less than 20% for most levels.

I cannot send excel files, so here are images (the omitted levels have no change):

I think there should also be two other mechanisms, since earning power does not scale with level.

First, a defined percentage of gold that can be stolen per run. It really sucks to be very close to what you need to level your prime, have 1 minute left on the gifts from your teammates (or a transfer from the bank), and someone hits you and you lose 3M gold (and there are no gold packs, at least at this time). So you either give it away or try to defend. Maybe you win. Maybe not. But your probably stuck waiting another 20 minutes…

Second. Set up “bands” or ranges of player levels. Maybe something like this (this part is very rough):
Attacker lever is less than or equal to defender level plus 5 - - full gold loot.
Attacker level is 6 to 10 levels above defender - - 75% of possible gold loot
Attacker level is 11 to 20 levels above defender - - 50% of gold loot.
Attacker level is 21 to 30 levels above defender - - 25% of gold loot.
Attacker level is 31 or more levels above defender - - 10% of gold loot.

That’s just a very rough proposal/suggestion. You may already have mechanics like this in place.

I think something like this would help everyone. It breaks the monotony of grinding for gold and then having to spend it all immediately or drop it in a bank (where you may not see it again), but you cannot hoard massive amounts. Obviously, if a team worked together, having protection in the amounts I have indicated would significantly help players level primes. But if you are hunting for gold, especially after your multi runs are done, PVP now becomes a viable solution.

This is a draft suggestion. I welcome critiques/suggestions for improvement.

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