Gold an Rss Totals Its Time

Is there a reason why gold isnt added in to the RSS by now for matchmaking why is it being kept a secret in do you guys plan to add it in so that it is not a guessing game ?
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yes (there’s a reason). Now is it a good one? Not sure


It’s not really a big deal. If you attack someone you know is in a team with Atlas, chances are you’re going to get (some) gold.

What kind of ridiculous answer is that that’s like saying we might as well hide all the food and Wood totals and just take a guess at everyone we are hitting. some of us like to be efficient and not just shoot blind let alone research every team that might or might not have atlas before we hit the player in our matchmaking

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Do you want to be farmed every time you stock up enough gold to upgrade a Primarch or revive a handful of troops?

I don’t understand why someone would rely on regular attacks as their primary source of gold so it would be great if you could enlighten me there as well.

It seems you’re jumping to conclusions no one said it’s my main means of getting old you only get about 20 runs on mines and poachers for the day before the gold drop off so yes of course you need to hit players. And just like you don’t want to be hit for wood when you’re about to do a big load in fort and just like you don’t want to be hit for food when you’re about to feed a big load all the same concept.

I’m not sure what the solution here is honestly. Many would like gold to be raidable in practice. I would like that. But unlike food/wood it is not generated passively. The sources of raidable food/wood are generally people who have not logged in for some time and are less active players. People who have gold must have done attacks. That means people who have obtained gold are those who were online to do things, they are active players. They also need to be irresponsible with their gold and it’s even easier to dump than food/wood is because of Atlas access to team banks. We need to loot people who attack a lot and don’t get rid of the stuff they got from attacking? Not so conducive to supply

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