Gold Chest Drop Rate during Treasure Hunt

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Could we please have a higher drop rate of gold chests during normal event chest runs OR just during the TREASURE HUNT phase of the event. Many players think we should remove it because it takes one day of the event out. Anyways PvP events (most of them) are just a grind and are so pointless and boring. If you want more info on that I suggest you give it a search :wink:.

I would like to see the gold chest drop rate increase. Perhaps increase it so that it is close to the rate of the silver chests. Silver chests suck so why not? This change promotes activity, strategy and teamwork instead of spending!!

I farmed around 500 bronze chests in 3 days and not even one gold chest dropped. 500 bronze chests is definitely worth more than one gold chest. For 100+ lvl gold chests don’t even award that much progress so it’s not going to make that much of a difference. Lower levels who don’t want to spend but are highly active can gain more progress a bit faster.

Gold Chests are sometimes awarded at the end of a PvP event super attack or mega attack but only spenders will be able to farm chests by doing this…

I’m not asking for this because I want more progress. The current drop rate of the gold chest that I saw on ameoba’s website is ridiculous and it seems right.

Post what you all think below…


You want gold chests to drop free from the sky. The Devil you say !!!

Silver Chest drop rate for gold is too high? It should increased though but still can be at the lowest drop rate. Defo not “dropping from the sky.”

The gold chests drops seem less than before. I used to get a drop a week but don’t remember when I last got one. :eyes:

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Once a week??? Dang u are lucky…

There was this one run in which I got two. :flushed:

I thought I imagined it but went and looked in the armory. And there they were :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: :disappointed: So jealous lol
The drop rate of a Gold Chest from one monument is 0.03 % (if that hasn’t been changed. It’s from Ameoba so may be outdated). 0.0003 * 0.0003 * 8 is something close to impossible drop rate for two chests.
8 monuments on each full base

I’m all for rewarding grinding think I’ve gotten 2 drops total in the 8-ish months I’ve been playing. With the embarrassing amount of runs I do a day I don’t think tuning it up a little would knock anything out of balance imo (selfish vote of yes)

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I’ll be honest, i’ve gotten a double gold chest drop as well previously. Out of the thousands and thousands of runs i did actually get one with two gold chests. I couldn’t believe it either.

I know this doesn’t help anything :see_no_evil: but from what I’ve noticed, Atlas (invaders) drops more gold chests during runs than I’ve ever seen in game.

Increased drop rates for the treasure hunt phase would be nice and beneficial for everybody, but on the other end gold chests are intended to be more difficult to receive and contents are scaled to that currently.

Well obviously they’re more difficult to get. 2 in 8 months vs. thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of bronze kind of speaks to that.

At least you guys with Atlas are doing ok :+1: color me shocked

They don’t rain from the sky, it’s not dramatic but noticeable (perhaps due to several good monuments that can be destroyed? I don’t know). Don’t shoot the messenger; I’m telling it how it is in my experience.

I just wouldn’t want the value to be decreased as a result of increasing how many drops there would be.

Yeah definitely don’t decrease the value after so many times the numbers went down.

Does anyone actually remember the last time the got one? I don’t think I got one all season so I’m feel like they’ve decreased it to almost nothing or have turned it off completely

I got one of mine a couple of weeks ago so it’s still technically possible

I once suggested to add 1 free gold chest a week or two weeks. Was told it was a good suggestion and they’d look into it…now months later I’m sure they’ve looked into it lol :joy::sweat_smile::unamused:


Yes, 4 days ago.

I get at least 1 gold chest each week from monuments,
1 from simple run on PvP (I am only E2P)

The most I got was during a PvP event, when 3 gold chests dropped in 18 hours.

PvP event runs don’t count because you can easily get one after the battle is complete.

Treasure hunt phase is nothing special…
The gold chest drop rate needs to increased either during treasure hunt only or at all times.

I basically expect bronze chests with the occasional silver when farming the monuments.

I know theoretically gold chests drop, and I think I’ve had a few this season, but I’m not really expecting them. I wouldn’t mind if the drop rate increased of course (who would?) but I don’t really see a strong reason why there should be more freebies in those monuments in general.

For the treasure hunt phase I agree, it would become a lot more significant if we actually had increased drops. Either significantly more gold, or just double chest drops across the board, bronze chests are still a decent source of energy packs and inners, and doubling them would make the hunting phase a bit more special.


I meant those 3 dropped from monuments.