Gold Chest Droprates

Hello everyone,

Many players are still wondering about the gold chest droprates of items so here is a small overview.

I can not guarantuee that the numbers are correct so please take it with a grain of salt and consider the time they were opened and the amount of chests that were opened.

Please note:

  • Black Pearls did not exist in 2016
  • Elemental Embers only dropped in the first half of the 2016 events (probably somewhere in Sep-Oct 2016)
  • In the first half of my 2016 opening period, dragon boosts were offered, they then got swapped for base boosts (probably somewhere between Oct and Nov 2016)

If you have additional sources or data about larger numbers of gold chest opens, feel free to post them here.


@mechengg is also doing some work on it.

So what i am saying is its not simple to figure out.

Well if there are anymore questions or anything you feel hasn‘t been figured out yet, let me know.

That’s a very good overview

So to finish a dragon line with spending only you would need to open 1240ish gold chest 25k/201 sigils.

That’s 124x4k rubies = 496,000 rubies aka 18 big packs aka $1800.

Times 3 for getting the mythic on first day of its release that’s $5,400.

On a good note those come with 330k egg tokens per 18 packs so you’d have a million in egg tokens and would be able to breed the entire new tier on day one.

Cheaper than I thought :thinking:


wow :rofl: although I guess most people rather buy the super sigil chests at the end of the season.
They drop an average of 1125 sigils per 10 chests at 5k rubies per 10.

Thank you sooo much for the info. I think I will start tracking my drops as well.

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For sure marez. But then you’re not the early bird. Having these figures in mind check out some of the usual nobodies in matchmaking who will have the mythic hunter on day one as their top one dragon. Cough hunt those cheaters down already PG cough

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Here are the available drops from the past 4 events (I have not calculated drop rates just yet, but these are every possible gold drop during each event):

I’ll work on percentages/Rates.

The colors are just my opinion on what is “good” and what is not. Obviously, depending upon your goal at the moment, some of the “bad” drops might actually be good to you.

~Power to the Players

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When should you open?

Depends upon what you want.

From the last 4 events, you had the best chance of getting sigils during the previous fortification event, but you had the best chance of getting a good drop, IMO, during the Tug of War event. Feeding was definitely the worst event during which to open chests–for two reasons. One, it had more prizes, and two, it had more prizes that you probably didn’t want.

As the OP said, chests are very complicated.

@MareZ If you can break down the drops by legendary and epic, I could give some very accurate numbers. Just Tug of War 2017. My data doesn’t go back as far as yours. I know how likely drops are (as in Legendary drop 1 or Epic drop 5), but I don’t know what the numbers correlate to. With your samples, I may have enough to link the data sets. It would, ofc, be valid only for that specific event, but I think it likely some of the drop types maintain a consistent (relative) percentage.

You listed a Legendary Wintertide sigils as a bad red drop in Feeding event. Just saying because it does seem odd compared to the other events :wink:

Oops. Definitely didn’t mean to do that. Lol.

Thanks. I’ll fix.

That will take some time for me as I‘ll have to extract the data again from the screenshots I‘ve made.
I‘ll post here when I can.

Well, if you want another Dragon or Evo Stone i agree with you, that SSCs are the best you can do (i did it with kinnarus to get all his Evo Stones).

But there are better ways to spend your rubies, i guess.

Chests opened during Fortification:
epic 559 legendary 286 total 845 (66.1% / 33.9%)
Chests opened during PVP:
epic 342 legendary 178 total 520 (65.8% / 34.2%)

Highlighted in green are the “winners” of the comparions epic vs epic / legendary vs legendary.
Note, that some drops listet here are only available during Breeding / Training, where my team and i didnt open enough chests to list them here.

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Here are my results from the January Breeding Event:

I used some previous events to make predictions before the event started.


Same for Team Gauntlet:

Predictions were not quite as good, but I did not have as many events to pull from historically.

Still, the “what is” data you can add to your info, if you’re trying to get a very large data set.

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Very happy with a difference of anything less than 10% . Your predictions are not just predictions anymore, we can just say it as future drops with this kind of accuracy.

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