Gold chest issues with legendary drops

So I’ve noticed the drop for gold chests have a fluctuating wood pack drop for the legendary wood pack. The epic is always 130,000 but the legendary (which is supposed to be better than an epic) ranges from 20,000 to 400,000.

I had a teammate get a legendary drop and was super excited only to realize they would have got more wood from an epic drop. I don’t cash in gold chests but for those that do BEWARE and check the info on the drop possibilities before cashing them in.


The drop amount scales by level. Lower levels are going to get less while higher levels are going to get more, just like xp.


That’s how it used to be. Now it doesn’t matter what level you are. I’m a 200+ and have seen it show 20,000, 85,000, and 125,000 wood packs. And PG confirmed that it is now random.

Who at PG? Support?


I think you may be mistaken?
For quite sometime now in gold
Chests I have ONLY received epic 130k and legendary 400k.

Bronze give smaller amounts but in golds those are the only wood drops I ever get. Of course it’s fixed on level & lower levels receive less per drop but it shouldn’t be any different for players around the same level.
If you are getting different epic & legendary amounts something is wrong.

It’s not random.

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Is it on a fixed schedule then?

All taken from my account and it changes almost every time I go to the chest screen.

@arelyna support education please. Pack amounts do not randomly change value.


Check my above screen shots.

this happened to a teammate of mine. It says in the upper right corner the legendary is 400,000 and they got 85,000.

Some people were reporting that the info for chests showed strange values for wood packs but the actual drops were normal. Is the teammate with the 85k pack also high enough level to get the 400k packs?


What level is your teammate?

Level 70 so don’t know the breakdown for what level gets what prize. I’m not cashing in my gold chests to see if it works.

Yea. That’s the amount that’s right for the 70. They’re never going to get the 400k pack at level 70 from a gold chest.

I’ve opened quite a few gold chests this event and have been getting 400k legendaries at level 375+


Ok so the drop shown is just broken then? Because support said a couple different answers and one said it was random and always should be more than epic and the other said the average would be more than an epic.

Sounds like a couple of places showing possible drops are broken, but nothing here indicating the actual drops are broken.

Showing the wrong values for possible drops still seems like a bad bug!

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Why does it say I can win 400k wood with a legendary drop, but I only win 85k?

What level are you? The size of the drops for food and lumber packs change as your player level increases. Higher level players get the 400k packs, while smaller players would get a smaller sized pack.