Gold chest not opening

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  • Fortification:Make it so we can fuse two of same tower levels together
  • Minor Event Feedback:I have written about a chest problem I have with Gold chests I have 4 of them and I keep getting the same error no matter how many times I try

Let’s say you have two towers that each have 60% of the total materials required to get to max level invested in them. These get merged.

What then happens to the wasted 20% of xp you gained? Your player level can’t go down - as you may drop beneath certain level caps.

Would you set a limit on what can be merged?

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It’s been discussed a lot of time. Also, need more details on this.

Have you tried submitting Support Ticket?

Just a suggestion and yes I did last night and no response plus I have the error still!!

Could you link a ticket number?

Using a tower (e.g. level 20) to upgrade another tower (e.g. level 80) you could just subtract the already invested time (not ressources, since those could be exploited) and alread gained xp from the time needed and xp gained for upgrading the new level 80.

this might end up with you not getting “anything” (no points, no levels) but a stronger tower and less towers stored There’s my tickets number I believe

Gold chest cannot open got the same error, how can I fix this issue by sending ticket

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