Gold chest prizes!

So I know this topic has been beaten to death but since it’s the “year of the player” and all that jazz :grin: could we discuss changing the prizes up in the gold chests again? I dont feel like the prizes are completely horrible but I do think they need some restructuring.

I dont think 25 dragon attk boosts and hp boosts should be in a gold chest drop :woman_shrugging: just my opinion though.


What suggestion do you all have that would make gold drops better?
Would you make all pvp events just pvp related items for epic drops along with keeping the epic sigils ?

For fun, post some of your worst drops from gold chests in a screen shot :grin:


Ah yes the “paying players extend the gap between them and the harder working E2P players” proposal.


Serious question, how does restructuring drops for everyone benefit do this? I mean people that are gonna spend are going to spend regardless right? Since majority of players open during pvp anyway wouldnt it be better for everyone to increase the timer drops throughout all events and get rid of the attk boosts and hp?

Timers is one example. Nobody can really grind timers. You buy them, one way or another either with sigils in prize lines or buying rubies and opening chests. A correctly designed game would drop meaningful timers as you raid and allow players to buy a boost that drops 4X as many timers for an hour using sigils or cash. Instead we have a pay to win situation.

We don’t value base boosts because we have a lot. If they ALL went away eventually they would have real value. Just because we don’t value them doesn’t mean that PG agrees. Every single thing in the game has a ruby equivalent value. If we got say more embers and black pearls instead of base boost, something would be taken away to keep the same total ruby equiv per drop. PG won’t change anything just because they like us and want us to be happy. They want your wallet. Badly. The adjustment would be in their favor for sure.

It feels overly cynical but I believe everything above to be true. Another case of be very very very careful what you wish for when it comes to War Dragons???


You need a way to keep a gap between E2P and spenders, but it can’t get larger when re-aligning features. It can’t be “scale it all up” evenly across the board. There are many many ways that scaling can be appropriately applied, but a “increase timer drops from 50x 3hr to 150x 3hr” probably isn’t the correct solution.

  • Increase timer drops in conjunction with a way for activity to make up for more chests earned? Sure
  • Decay on chests opened quantities (aka the more chests you open in a period of time the worse they get)? Sure
  • Scale drops based on previous activity levels? Sure
  • Dynamically scale items based on player level or builder hut level? (aka each timer drop becomes 1/10th of a level or whatever)
  • Scale it all 3x across the board? Nope.

This does make sense :+1:

Also I wouldnt really want the epic attks and stuff to go away completely, they are fine in bronze chests, just feel like gold chests should encompass smaller versions of better items instead of getting 75 attk boosts in 10 gold chests :woman_shrugging:.

For instance during pvp have different amount variations of inner fires and energy packs instead of those dragon buffs in the gold chests, not necessarily increase timer amount by threefold… but limiting the drops of these attk boosts and hp boosts… and giving more chances at epic timers, epic eggs, IF drops, energy packs, sigils, Pearl’s, etc.

Then for minor events do the same that way people could get items that are more useful to them, even the food and xp drops seem a bit useless at times but I guess some people might still need them? I just think these types of drops need moved to the bronze chests and leave gold with better items.

For example if you chose to open gold chests during breeding… (which I dont normally do just an example) have your normal drops minus the food packs, xp, and dragon buffs, and have 500 egg drop, 750 egg drops, keep the 1100 and 3000 ones ofc, and then move those other epic drops to the bronze chests?

Psyh 101. The loot in a gold chest should have better value than the loot in a bronze chest.
Sadly, many game companies fail at the basics and fall for the concept of “filler” which excites no one.

Since PG doesn’t play their own game, they have a poor grasp of value. Look at Bounty Harbor, Daily Offers, the event prize “special offer”, etc. for evidence of that. I’d be 100% on board so that opening a gold chest vs a bronze feels “epic” or at least more better.

As a reformed spender, I didn’t pay that much attention to the drop cadence. I just did some basic math. I need X number of hours of timers, buy Y number of chests. The stuff in between didn’t matter. Now it feels a little more important as I have a lot less gold chests in my WD life.


Right I see what your saying…

Also attk boosts and hp boosts to me dont seem that epic and really shouldn’t be classified as epic… which is why they would probably be more appropriate on the bronze chests.

By removing these items, you would honestly get more legendary and epic drops of items that matter more then items that dont :woman_shrugging: and wouldnt have to upscale the timers like mech was saying.

You get a lot of these from event prizes as well which is another reason I have over 7,000 of each boost and use them every single run :rofl:

Low levels need the boosts, just saying. Gold chests give them the ability to build up a stock of them, like us.


I would love for the gold chest drops to change but they would have to change bronze as well in order to not just benefit spenders. Since bronze chests are grindable for low level players and hardcore grinders as well

IMO, Assault Event is a good sign from PG to let us choose our Gold Chest content.

We can get much better items from Gold Chests than just 1 type of Gold Chest drop.
All we need to have is an ability to foresee which items we will get next :eyes:



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Now that feeding is gone, if they would tweak assault and offer that every breeding it wouldn’t be the worst thing that happened to WD recently.

That would make every week a party week. (I assume some folks want to open chests for Fort. If not, they would need to offer assault twice a month.)


I don’t fully understand what you are saying. But Assault is supossed to be with breeding and fortification.

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I’m not sure that this was 100% confirmed…was it?


I think they confirmed assault will only run with minor events. That suggest more than just breeding, but I think it’s just keeping options open, not necessarily a confirmation that it will run with fort too.

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I enjoyed Assault. Would I want to do it every other week? I don’t know… I’d rather see it around for a while, rather than one of those things that we get burnt out on.


This is enough confirmation for me. but with PG who knows…


I just realized that it says “build and battle” and they did the first Assault… in breeding, not fortification
Maybe breed and battle sounds off?

<-insert yer own cat meme here-> Maybe! I’ll hold my breath until it shows up in game.