Gold Chest Scaling Suggestion

In your recent response on the PG Can we talk thread you said scaling would be bad to the end game. I think that does hold some truth, but with the current balance, players are and will continue to leave the game.

My suggestion for scaling gold is this.
Levels 1-300 stay exactly the same as they are now with no changes.
Levels 301-400 all items get a 1.5 multiplier
Levels 401-500+ get an additional 1.5 multiplier.

For example: Legendary Egg token drop is 3000
Levels 1-300: 3000 egg tokens
Levels 301-400 : 4500 egg tokens (30001.5=4500)
Levels 401-500+: 6750 Egg token (4500

This would not change anything for players under 300, but would give players below this more of incentive to reach this level. That motivation could lead to spending to get to the level quicker. In theory this would be build a bigger base of mild to moderate spenders for PG. Still with the 1.5 multipliers after level 300 and 400 it does not significantly throw the end game out of whack and players will still need to grind or spend to achieve meaningful dragons and buildings.

I know some end game players wont like this because it not a huge boost in scaling but Im being realistic and understanding that Pg has to make money. I think this could help balance things a little bit in game and put money in Pg pockets.



That’s the message scaling gold chests by level sends. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I don’t think the contents of a gold chest, which is achieved in the same way either through events or spending, should be worth more to some people than others.

I prefer this tbh.


So your suggestion is to increase the gap between spenders and F2P/E2P by only dumping rss into the the upper echelons? Let’s do it. Been looking for a good reason to quit.

There’s plenty. This would be nowhere. Funny how all you do is talk about quitting yet somehow you’re still here…

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Oh wait am I the only one laughing? Guess it’s not actually that funny :confused:


I’m not sure about scaling it based on levels. :man_shrugging:
I’d rather scale it base on what dragon tier you are already breeding. Maybe the existing drops would start a tier below Sapphire, then increased it relative to the percentage increase in breeding requirement of the next tier.
Maybe it’s feasible, maybe it’s not :man_shrugging:.
I’m just saying if they should scale the gold chest drops, it should be scaled up, not down.

I kinda disagree with scaling it by progress (e.g. one with higher progress gets more) as it defeats the purpose of catch up mechanic.

I’d rather have it scaled by entire available progress.

If i purchase a pack and use the rubies on gold bronze silvers (or whatever) the prizes should be the same regardless of level!!! Now if they want to to use a tier system on chests that increases payout;
1-1000 normal
1000-2000 1.25 payout
And so forth (as an idea)
Could also have research added that increases chest payouts
I have multiple accounts and the packs offered to my small account are 10x better than those offered to my 300 or 500 accounts, so loyalty or total packs purchased seem unimportant to pg

:thinking: care to clarify?

It’s been described by MBN.

It encompasses catch-up while still keeping the costs on the upper-end relatively high to give the impression of end-game exclusivity while also speeding up the process of actually becoming end-game. MBN’s numbers go more in-depth, but rather than an exponential curve of rewards based on level/tier, it is more like shifting a linear curve higher and higher each time more progression is added. Say, if Empyrean was the highest tier in the game, a timer drop might look like 24 x12 hour timers. Next Abyssal is released and that drop becomes 36 x12 hour timers, regardless of player level or tier. (Totally random figures by the way, no need to nitpick). Indexing, I believe MBN called it. Addresses the need for catch-up as well as the ever increasing prices at end-game simultaneously.

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The people who put together the proposal are actually pretty against scaling chests by level. @MurderBNumbers has put together an awesome description of indexing which would benefit all players instead of higher levels.

Not only this, but it would be able to be easily programmed into the mechanics of the game so that any time a tier is released, chests automatically are effected. This would (hopefully) mean less time spent on updates related to specific features of chests each tier and would give more time to fix bugs as a result.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I worded that correctly and I think the common misconception is that we were all asking for chests to be scaled by level. :sweat_smile:


You did great


The issue with the scaling portion is why should a 200 and a 500 spending the same amount directly, get different rewards for it.


It would be more F2P/P2W but I still miss your point. The scaling would be benefit everyone based on their level.

The brackets are just an example and I expect it could easily be every 100 levels so people see a return earlier. We already have scaled egg token missions. I get more tokens from missions than someone level 100 and less than someone lvl 400. Before the season bonus boost.

I reply not to argue but you may have a thought behind the opinion you posted. Edit: and my point in replying is that thought may have worthy bearing on the idea OP has presented.

not equally.


What you conveniently edited out, the sentence immediately following what you did quote, that the brackets are just an example. The entire idea is just an example of how it could be. So your quote certainly changed the context.

I understand your point about scaled egg missions. This was a fantastic addition to the game because of the fact that everyone has an equal opportunity to do the missions throughout the day. People do not spend money to go on egg missions. People do spend money on chests, so that’s where the scaling of a lower level getting less than a higher level comes in to play.