Gold Chest Sequencing

Do not open them yet bro unless you just came back and needed lots of sigils to get a mythic.Otherwise wait for next season to open

You’re missing the point :sweat_smile:

At the time, breeding and assault were running, so there were 2 chest armouries, each having different sequences

This allows you to cherry pick your drops from chests, which gives you waaaaaaay way better drops than the predicted averages

I know the double event madam.Just an advise.Hahaha since it is a lot so i wonder if he did open enough to finish the 2 branches and token branch on first 2 weeks.

Tbh some people open just enough to finish the discounts in the first 2 weeks and then save the rest of their chests for assault :nerd_face:


Yeah just wondering becoz damn 2k is a lot on just week 5.Its week 9 and I only have 1100.hahahaha.Though I was not here during assault.I wonder how many gold chests I missed out.

They remove so much gold chests from my fave champion riders.So I did not do the line.Sad times

I’ll have the sequence up for both events for cherry dropping after work tomorrow, hopefully!


Soooorry, fell asleep while doing this

Here’s the sequence!

Happy hunting! :heart:


Here is the Gold and Bronze double event chest predictor for Assault and Breeding (Unearthed Week 4):
Download link (16.4 Mb)
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Thank you so much @FieryxFury :partying_face:


Thank you so much @DragonAdmirer :partying_face:


Appreciate your hard work @FieryxFury @DragonAdmirer :heart_eyes:

@DragonAdmirer when i try to put 2000 chests to open, it gives me same summary as 1000 :thinking:
also could you explain the rarity depth please.


@DragonAdmirer I’ve been trying for a few hours to figure out the sheet you made, and what numbers to enter into the position area to get the correct results. This is the first time I’ve tried to open during assault and follow this type of thing Could you advise? :see_no_evil: Apologies in advance for being a noob.

@Applenuk3 Sorry, currently 1000 is max. :slight_smile: I can increase it to 2000 or more. Meanwhile you can to make another copy of sheet and copy the final positions from the first copy to current positions of the second copy. The rarity depth explanation is here.

@Lathra You need to figure out your positions by opening about 10 gold chests. Read this post.

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I read that a few times. Still don’t get how you get the numbers to put there. I found my place in the sequence already.

So you’ve got a position in main/legendary/epic on fiery’s chart? And you’re looking at the fields in the top left of the gold sequencer?

I think you put the number for main in gold, legendary in legendary, epic in epic, and whatever x/30 you’re up to for the bonus.

Sorry if that was what you already understood. I don’t get the rarity depth thing

This is the part that confuses me are you looking for the next one in sequence? I tried a few different things and couldn’t get it to work.

I opened up 9 chests in assault and the last one I opened was main 1, legendary 14, epic 32, and 21 on bonus progress. I put those numbers in and the predictor is showing epic sigils in breeding for the first pick–that matches up with what I would expect from fiery’s charts

@Gadfly how can it be both epic and legendary tho? Sorry I’m just having trouble getting it :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved:

What’s both epic and legendary? Hey, we’re trying and this would be so much easier if we could just point at things on a piece of paper instead of using words lol

Do you want to tell me what drops you got to find your spot?

So I just opened that in assault, I think that puts me at position 81. Last drop is legendary sigils 17 right? So what would the epic be?