Gold chest upgrade

I’d like you make gold chest upgrade same as egg balloon. Becouce at higher levels need much more stuff get, and it’s not fair same drop as low levels.

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Higher levels already get siginificantly more gold chests and rubies to buy them with, no need to scale the contents as well.

I can agree with this if you are talking about the amounts in things like food pack and wood pack drops, etc…
Those do scale in gold chests but at a certain point they stop and it doesn’t make sense.
Another thing that really needs to scale in gold chests IMO is TIMERS. Higher levels need more timers by a wide margin. They should get more timers in gold chests.
As for sigils- those should be the same for everyone.

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So you call $1500,- for a level 65 tower balanced? The whole problem with this game is that it is massively unballanced. Besides that chest reward scaling is already a thing only up to a certain point. Which hasn’t been updated in for ever.

So to get back to the suggested topic, yes love the idea! <3


Nice strawman there. I think there are plenty of threads here already about the problems with tower scaling. If you think scaling gold chest rewards is even a bit of a solution to that… Well I guess there’s one born every day.

Towers is just one example of the many unbalanced things. Gold chest have a lot more content which needs better scaling.

Huh? I don’t think the level of anything but your wallet controls how many gold chests and rubies you get.

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